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Reasons why regional areas have the potential for growth this year

Washington Brown of Sydney has given the reason why the property market is changing this year as compared to the last few years. The report states that a lacklustre start to 2019 was largely due to apprehension around last year’s Federal Election and particularly proposed housing-related tax policies from the ALP. Au founder Terry Ryder.  “One year ago everything was super negative but now things are much more positive”, he states. Let’s first look at whyRead More

Challenges and Wins You Should Know When Investing In Australia

This is a min presentation to Z-OZ Retirement Dream Team in readiness for the main case study to be presented to would-be retirees in a few years time either here in Australia or Zambia. In this presentation, I will provide some hints to lay a foundation of what is to come, some expectation and summary of cjinvestment opportunities that await you. Take a piece of paper and a pen to write down some important pointsRead More

Earn While You Learn Apartments

My colleague Lance Edwards bought his first small apartment nothing down. And within 3 years, he retired from his corporate job.Since then, he’s done hundreds of deals directly and with students.How many apartments can you afford to buy if you have no cash or credit or risk? And someone else does the management?Uh… The answer would be all of them. On this webinar, Lance shows you the techniques everyday people use to buy apartments nothingRead More

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don't sweat the small stuff 1

Would you like to be receiving informative content like this? Then subscribe to my Home Business Tips newsletter.You can always update your subscription settings at any time. Now let’s dive into today’s informative content… Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ve no doubt heard and perhaps even tried to implement this usefulproverb into your daily life at some point, but how many of us fail to doso in our business? This is also often referred toRead More

Here is why email marketing is vital to your business

Email marketing made easy. Want to get an email marketing campaign up andrunning in minutes? AWeber can help. Powered by AWeber Email marketing remains the number one strategy in building your brand and rapport with your clients. Every business has an email marketing software they use to communicate with their leads, clients and customers. In this article, I am going to give you real practical examples that I have curated in my research to helpRead More

What Does Google Consider Authority?

What Does Google Consider Authority? 2

If you would like to be receiving updates, tricks and strategies to build a profitable home business even when you don’t have the experience, subscriber to my Home Business Tips newsletter.You can always update your subscription settings at any time. Now let’s dive into today’s informative content… Ever since Google algorithm updates started some years ago, a site’s authority has become increasingly important. Now, since every day that goes by, thousands of new sites appearRead More

Easier Way To Buy Property at less than 40% Market Value.

Easier Way To Buy Property at less than 40% Market Value. 3

If you want to make a profit faster in real estate investing, you must look for motivated leads in the market that are willing to sell their properties at less than 40% of the market value. In that way you can easily buy, hold and flip to get your real estate investment profit faster. How do you find these leads? There are a lot of systems and software available online that help you search forRead More

Harness the power of Grammarly on your Apps and desktop

A few months ago, a friend and author introduced me to this software called Grammarly, a grammar and spelling checker for proofreading articles, book chapters and blog posts. As an author and a blogger, I find it handy for proofreading my work – and it works like a charm. Saves Your Valuable Time Gives you the ability to write Effectively and Strengthens Your writing Skills In this article, I’ll cover only the features I have been using since IRead More

8 ways to help increase your children’s financial education.

8 ways to help increase your children’s financial education. 4

As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to help increase my children’s financial education. One of my favourite ways is to have your business hire your children. The first thing to look at is what your children can do in your business. There are lots of tasks children can do: FilingCleaningAnswering phonesRunning errandsData entryMaintaining the company’s online presenceUpdating the company websiteResearchAs you can see from this shortlist, the tasks can range from simple to complex depending onRead More

Investing in Small Apartments for Monthly Income

Investing in Small Apartments for Monthly Income 5

Many real estate investors today are looking for ongoing income, especially as they grow closer to retirement age. One of the best types of income-producing investments is the smaller apartment building.Let’s consider the nuances of this type of purchase…We usually define a smaller apartment building as one that contains 5-10 units. Anything below five units is either a multi-family or single-family property.Anything above that number is considered a larger apartment building. Advantages of a SmallRead More