First Deals In Small Apartment Building: Brunswick West, Melbourne

On 20 March 2020,we conducted final inspection of our first small apartment building in Brunswick West Melbourne.

We bought these units off plan in 2017 from the developer with the help of our partner, EK Capital. We are proud that the work has finally come to the end. Now we are landlords of these special units located centrally in Brunswick West,Vic 3055, Melbourne.

They will soon be available for rent as soon as the settlement is completed in a few days.

If you want to be the first one to occupy one of these units, please contact us and we shall attend to your needs.

Mindset Shift in Times of Covid-19 Pandemic and Financial Crisis

Mindset is everything

There is a difference in which mindset can be applied to any situations by different people.

Currently, we are all faced by Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is in the panic mode due to fear of its effect on human beings.

  • Loss of employment
  • Death
  • Uncertainty of our future
  • Closing of schools,daycare centers
  • Health workers contracting the disease during their day-today-duties

One thing that we have seen is people are overbuying and stocking toilet papers in homes while rich people are buying stocks and investing more. Recently we saw tow women fighting over toilet papers in a supper market.

But what do the rich people teach us?

Mindset Shift….

Infact it’s the only thing we can control ourselves. As a relatively new business owner, I am equally intrigued and fearful as we pass through these unprecedented  times but our best business  leaders have shown us how we can use our Mindsets:

Andrew Porteous of William Porteous Properties International:

Don’t get caught up in the panic. I learned that in every catastrophe and disaster, there is a blessing in disguise. Just before the GFC, I spent a whole year working on a development project and the unthinkable happened, the lender went into administration. This motivated me greatly to seek other routes of business and hence why I am working with William Porteous Properties International.

Rocco Demaio of Axia Corporate Property:

You have to stay confident, for both your family and clients. This is the time I stay connected to as many people as possible and spread any good news you hear. Whilst infection rates are climbing around the world, did you know that China has opened up their ports and is currently at 60% capacity? Staying away from social media and surround yourself with people who are still performing is crucial.

Cynthia H of Hoop Consulting

Businesses should remember this is a short term disruption, and that employees are the most important part of their business. Keep employees safe by allowing flexible working arrangements/remote, split/rotating teams and distancing in the office whilst following strict hygiene guidelines. That way, when this pandemic is over, your staff can return to work as quickly as possible and your business can ramp up to normal speed again.

We have seen how our government is responding  to this pandemic, its putting economic measures in place and keep everyone safe.

As human being, I am very fearful for those whose lives will be greatly affected but I am certain through all this fear and uncertainty that has gripped the whole world,Australians are resilient and we shall get through all this drama.

Right now I have  two priorities:

  • Keep my family safe and employable
  • Creating course content of value to help the industry grow.

I will pause this question to you, “What are your priorities?”

We are offering an inexpensive real estate investing course right now if you want to have a bulletproof or shield yourself from uncertainty and economic crisis in future, enrol here

Leverage professional expertise

This morning I took my car for routine service at Nissan to ensure that my car is safe on the road. You drive with confidence knowing that the car has been checked by experts.

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The same goes for investing in real estate. You do not have to do everything by yourself. You have to involve brokers, financial experts, real estate agents, solicitors, property managers and furniture movers. Your main focus is to coordinate the activities of each expert in your team.

That will free most of your time to plan other activities such as marketing and administration.

On the picture above, I was waiting for the experts to complete the state-of the- art comprehensive diagnostic process.

At CJ Investiment, we offer many services to people such as domain registration and hosting, mentoring courses in real estate investing and finance literature, loan refinancing and building your multi-family apartment portfolio with a special strategy to pay of your mortgage earlier.

If you are interested give us a call and one of our specialist will will give you a call.

What is your greatest enemy?

Buildthelifeofyourdreams As we start a new year, a new project, I’d like to encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to start fresh and get the right mindset.  One thing that is constant for all of us: time. “It’s limited and moves on quickly. The passage of time can either be your friend or your enemy”- Robert Kiyosaki A more direct way of looking at it (if you are a successful investor, at least)…

This content is part of the 7 Key Mindset shifts series. You will gain access on July 14, 2020.

7 Key Mindset Shifts To Help You To Become A True Leader

Buildthelifeofyourdreams As you embark on this journey, know that you are now a leader. You are like a traffic offer controlling all the traffic, that is you will be responsible for all the activities happening in your business.You have to inspire others to build a successful teamExpect some road pumps along the way. This brings you to the 7 mindset shifts that you should start adopting from today:The good news is that mindset is a…

This content is part of the 7 Key Mindset shifts series. You will gain access on July 11, 2020.

Welcome to our mentoring course!

Buildthelifeofyourdreams Joyce and I standing outside our sold property in Wellington, New Zealand,2017 Hey, this is Charles Vincent Kaluwasha who will be taking you in this course. My brief background.  I was born in Zambezi District of North-Western Zambia. I am the third born in the family of 6, four boys and two girls. Completed my form five in 1981 and migrated to the Copperbelt province in Mufulira. In 1986 started working in the mines…

This content is part of the 7 Key Mindset shifts series. You will gain access on July 3, 2020.


The #1 Secret We Use To Save Up To 80% On Luxury Condos, Hotels and Resorts Anywhere In The World

This is what we call lifestyle freedom formula, you get paid every time you went on a vacation.

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In the past, luxury vacations were reserved for the wealth but with Renaissance lifestyle passport, vacations are for ordinary people. Stay at most beautiful Hawaiian Resorts for only a hundred bucks less than the general public would pay.

So get dirty, get messy and grow your team Fast with Renaissance automated business model.

Shortage of rental units in Melbourne

There was a recent article which just came out stating that there is a shortage in Melbourne for rental units, and the rents have increased in an around the CBD location. Population in Melbourne is still the fastest growing in Australia and set to overtake Sydney in the next 7 years.

Source: https://www.yourinvestmentpropertymag.com.au/news/victoria-in-need-of-rental-units-270104.aspx

It’s a great opportunity for those who are buying new units now and get ready for the explosion.

Recently Blue Earth Developer has just completed building a complex of more than 328 units at The Grove 1-5 Olive York Way, Brunswick West, Melbourne.

As a real estate and entrepreneur, CK Capital has helped me to secure two units one on level 3 and the second one is at level 5. My business partner CK Capital has 4 extra units that are still on offer at a competitive price. If you want more on this opportunity, fill out this form and one of us will contact you.

Over the week end I went to view the complex and I can tell you that these units are of higher standards with modern architecture and natural beauty incorporating sustainable solutions to the design as this becomes more important to investors. The developer is putting last finishing touches before they are open to the public.

At the time of writing this article, the developer stated that most of the units were bought off plan in 2018 and only a couple are available. Its time to purchase as prices may skyrocket in the next 5 years as reported by Knight Frank’s chief economist Ben Burston.

 “As a result of a sharp downward shift in interest rates, and the prospect of further RBA action, we expect the investment market will drive to new highs in 2020, prolonging the property price cycle,” Knight Frank’s chief economist Ben Burston told AFR.

“Compared to 12 months ago, this represents a significant change in the outlook when many had thought, including us, that the current cycle of broad-based yield compression was coming to an end.”

Words by Rebecca Mitchell

These units are situated along the main highway, and closer to most of the amenities such as shopping moles, railway station, bus stop, airport and city centre.

They have a barbecue and other recreational facilities within the complex, good for kids and parents.

Investors who have taken advantage of owning 2 or 5 units will have good rental yields in the next 2 to 5 years. Many investors like Dan has been building his portfolio in apartments the past 28 years, has built an 8-figure real estate portfolio through many different real estate methods. He’s been very blessed in his life as a real estate investor. He holds over 600 doors in rental properties and seller-financed notes, profiting him $250-$400 PER MONTH per property. 

He also personally coaches investors at all levels, offering guidance for acquiring rental properties and seller financed notes in emerging markets so that they can create “True Passive Wealth.”

I have been blessed to tap into his training and glad to reveal exactly how you can grow your real estate business startingRIGHT NOW.

We are Changing Lives: Thousands of Australians are thanking you

You do an amazing thing
I am inspired by many testimonies from Australians through the little contributions we donate to CareFlight
Thanks to you
Charles, right now, a lot of people in this country are saying, “Thank you.”Thank you for being there when they needed help most. Thank you for taking charge when their world was turning upside down. Thank you for giving them confidence, when they were afraid and needed life-saving help. As a CareFlight Support Crew Member, you are making such a difference for so many people. Your regular donations help save lives and keep families together. Patients like Thomas, who told us, “You made it possible for me to survive.”And Agnes, who said, “I’m very grateful a service like CareFlight exists.”Below are some more messages of thanks:Thanks from the patients you helpAs we head into another year, we know there will be even more people who will call on our services. So, I’d like to add my heartfelt thanks to those of our patients, for your steadfast support. Together we are ensuring CareFlight is always there for people when they call for our help. Whether it’s intubating a patient at the scene of an accident, or ensuring a newborn is safe on a flight from a remote area to a major hospital for treatment, our patients cannot speak highly enough of the care they receive. Charles, that care is part of a chain that starts with people like you. These expressions of gratitude, from all over the country and from all walks of life, show you how much your support is valued – and how much it is needed, more than ever. We can’t do what we do without you. Kind regards

Mick Frewen 
Chief Executive Officer, CareFlight CareFlight's reputation

Reasons why regional areas have the potential for growth this year

Washington Brown of Sydney has given the reason why the property market is changing this year as compared to the last few years.

The report states that a lacklustre start to 2019 was largely due to apprehension around last year’s Federal Election and particularly proposed housing-related tax policies from the ALP. Au founder Terry Ryder. 

“One year ago everything was super negative but now things are much more positive”, he states.

Let’s first look at why prices have started to rise again…

In the wake of the uncertainty in the property market over 2019 many sellers decided to hang onto their homes, fearing they wouldn’t get the desired price, and construction also eased. This led to a lack of available stock for buyers to choose from, which Ryder says was one of the several factors contributing to the price growth that started towards the end of the year and has continued into this year. 

One of the factors in the escalation of prices, particularly in bigger cities, was that at a time when demand recovered quite strongly, there was very little supply and vacancies were generally low in most locations around Australia.

Ryder says, “There was a lot of competition for good properties available, which was a big factor in price growth last year”.

Now, in 2020, there are signs supply is starting to rise, with sellers more confident in testing the market, and more construction in the pipeline, so price inflation that occurred due to a lack of stock will likely be tempered moving forward. 

Sydney’s listings are still 24. These events include an easing of lending restrictions, tax cuts, three interest rate reductions and more positive media coverage on the market. There are always multiple factors in why the market rises and these factors are all part of the equation, says Ryder.

But with more supply coming to the market this year, it will take some pressure off prices, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne. The market will settle down a bit and be what you might call a ‘normal’ market. Indeed, the latest CoreLogic Home Value Index found that while property prices rose across every capital city in January, the rate of growth had slowed in recent months. 1%, which is the fastest pace of growth for a 12-month period since December 2017, but in January the index was up by a total of 0.9 per cent

Growth markets are on the increase this year

Hobart has had a good run and is likely past its peak, and Darwin is still struggling, adds Ryder. He points out that regional areas also have the potential for growth this year, with the strongest market being regional Victoria, with parts of regional New South Wales also looking promising, including Orange, Wagga Wagga, Goulburn and Dalby. In regional Queensland, the Sunshine Coast offers some of the best growth potentials, with a strong economy, while some parts of Central Queensland are also recovering, including Mackay.

My business partner EK Capital has put in strategies to help you take advantage of this enabling environment to invest in the New South Wales and Queensland regions. Click here for an application

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