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We are a  group of real estate business owners, business mentors, and investors that consider it a blessing to help others achieve financial security.

An Expert Team
We are an innovative company that Aussies genuinely fuel. With the help of our team, who has been in the software industry for over ten years, you can make better use of your investment.
A collaborative mindset
We evaluate our performance based on how happy our customers are. How can we tell what it is you require? We ask! How can we verify that the features and capabilities promised have been fulfilled? You make it!

We follow through on what we promise. We value your confidence in us and always vow to be honest and dependable.

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or working professional, C J Investiments can get you on the path to financial freedom as swiftly and effectively as feasible. We achieve this by providing the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your finances or your business and build wealth through your existing business. In as little as one to two years, ambitious business owners can establish their financial footing with the support of this novel and proprietary technique to manage their money and investments by establishing a stable financial foundation for future growth.

Possibly you’ve heard of this tune before.

The naive man built his house on the beach.

Put another way, and he didn’t have much footing to stand on.

The prudent man, however, built his dwelling directly on solid rock.

This made his home STEADY even while storms raged outside.

As an analogy, it’s practically perfect for investors. I can guarantee that it will rain, the wind will blow, and you will feel it.

You can weather any market storm when you have established solid groundwork.

Charles, how do I get my hands on this basis?

We are Your Finance & Property Investment Experts.

We aid business owners in advancing from excellency to greatness.

As business partners, we approach developing sales and marketing strategies holistically and methodically, resulting in sales.

Nothing makes us happier than sparking business activity with concepts that boost sales and create fresh sources of income.

Our passion is generating leads for financial institutions, real estate developers and investors, and other industries in Australia and Africa.


We have worked with clients like residential and commercial developers, builders, private fund and asset managers, wealth managers, and advisers for more than ten years as we have built our cumulative experience throughout these industries.


The success of our clients reflects how closely we work with and support them because, while planning is vital, we get results via careful implementation. Since 2017, we have modestly promoted over $2 million worth of initiatives and services while working with well-known businesses worldwide.


We vow that whatever we do for our clients is nothing less than what we would do for ourselves by placing our hands over our hearts and looking them in the eye.


Schedule a free consultation to discuss a new or ongoing project that isn’t operating well.

In my opinion, all of my new students must watch this short but important headline:

“Profitable Investing Techniques”

Please find out how the four pillars of my investment strategy can help you build a foundation for a lifetime of profitable investing.

In this course, I’ll show you how to generate a consistent weekly income stream while minimizing your risk in any market.

You will also be taught the four primary investment opportunity evaluation techniques.

Please visit this link for access to this necessary education.

If you care about improving your investing skills, watch this video now. Lacking an adequate grasp of fundamental concepts makes laying solid groundwork impossible.

Please train with me right now.

Get it done immediately away, so you don’t forget.

We’ll meet up inside, so long for now.

Charles Kaluwasha

C J Investiment Academy, the Best Investment Course in Australia


We help our clients and investors find properties, zero in on great investment prospects and negotiate profitable acquisitions.
All of the major cities in Australia and Zambia are covered by our extensive network of developers, agency sellers, mortgage brokers, and buyers.
We have helped hundreds of professionals and first-time homebuyers acquire quality homes and start or grow sizable real estate portfolios.
Our inspiration for building this e-Learning platform comes from a desire to help people achieve financial freedom so they can pursue their passions and make a good difference in the world.
Goals and Objectives
To offer our clients inclusive services and entrepreneurial skills that are innovative, convenient, and inexpensive.
Vision Statement
Expand human opportunities by empowering individuals with entrepreneurial and business skills through our ambitious and robust e-learning and radio programmes in cities and remote areas.
Company Goal
Work and build relationships with strategic partners, other professionals, sellers and buyers successfully, build a solid network of contacts and gain knowledge on how to market prime properties to investors and first-home buyers.
Core Values
  • Accountability 
  • Customers Come First 
  • Reputable
  • Inclusive
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
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Want to know more about C J Investiment??

Our History


C J Investiments Property was established in 2006 with the goal of empowering everyday Australians and Kiwis to grow and protect their wealth. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their goals by providing direction, motivation, and inspiration, as well as assisting them in performing at their peak. We accomplish this by instructing them on how to build their wealth through real estate investing and business education, which includes entrepreneurship, mentoring/coaching and online learning. To test the waters, we bought our first Investment in New Zealand by then, worth $153,702, held it for 3 years then sold it at $190,457.60. From then on we developed other projects   not limited to the following Affiliate Websites:-)

LifeOnThe Net7

Business On Line Coaching

Blog That Wow: Free Give away blogs As Easy As Email

Plug And Profit Online

In 2009 we bought a new 4 bedroom property in Aotea Block at $440,000 managed by Quinovic management property at $560/w rental income.
2016 sold it at a profit of $264,000 and helped us to stretch our investment muscle in Australia and invested in 2 units  1-5 Olive York Way, Brunswick West Victoria and one family unit on Gawthern Terraces, Gold Coast




Our History


CJ Investiment expanded its wings, enrolled in the first-ever introduced Real Estate Rescue, Master Wealth Control, Flipping Houses Australia and Business Turn-Around Programs via GD Institute of Australia to become an area expert in everything to do with real estate investing in my community and regional areas of Australia. The training gave me a strong foundation for building my portfolio in real estate as an entrepreneur and business builder. Today I am who I am because of this training! In addition, I have been mentored by international real estate experts like Edwards Lance, an expert in a small apartment building. His teaching has earned him millions of dollars and has trained thousands of students worldwide. For locals, we provide a tailored transition from not owning a house to acquiring one through a smooth digital experience of EK Capital & C J Investiments partnership, a specialised and best  mortgage broker in Australia, offering exceptionally competitive negotiated home loan packages customised to your circumstances,from a team of amiable Lending Specialists panel to give you more freedom and a more positive financial experience. Sign up for a no obligation inquiry here!




Our History


Acquired two units in Olive York Way, Brunswick West-Melbourne CBD off-plan by paying a 10 percent deposit. 12 months later settlement was completed and ushered in tenants, managed by Motion Property Management. We are receiving rentals fortnightly from our loyal clients.




Our History


Acquired another townhouse in Gold Coast, Pimpama Area, Brisbane worth 460,000 being managed by Coast Future Development LTD.

Developed an online course in real estate investing, coaching and mentoring new real estate investors on financial literacy and their responsibilities for self-direction to optimize their investment portfolio as education in this field is the key to successful investing.
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Our History


Established SMSF[Goldfish Super Fund] to manage and accelerate real estate investments.

Partnered with SMSF experts to provide education on superannuation, debt reduction taxes, accounting services, and refinance.

Partnered with experts in lead generation to help real estate entrepreneurs scale their real estate portfolio faster in the post-Covid -19 pandemic.

Developed a partnership program to collaborate with like-minded individuals in real estate investments across Australia and beyond.


Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

Work with Charles

Founder & C E O and controls over $2.5M in multifamily real estate across Australia and Zambia.

He’s the leading authority on apartment building investing and has helped other families purchase over 2 multifamily units valued at over $4M through his content training and coaching programs. He is also the head of Cedar Tree Equity Fund and has good working relationships with other professionals in the industry. Read more of his story here

Director of Investor Relations (Vacant)

This position is a people person through and through and takes care of our investors– both for new acquisitions and for assets already in our portfolio.

Director of Asset Management (Vacant)

This position entails handling all aspects of managing the properties we acquire. Provides the communication link with our property managers weekly and makes sure we’re on track with our business plan for each property.

Charles Kasoka Kaluwasha– President

As President of CJinvestiment, Charles manages all aspects of our portfolio, including acquisitions, asset management, and capital raising.
Before joining CJinvestiment, he worked as a designer and self-made real estate entrepreneur. Charles has a corporate design and marketing career that spans less than a decade.

He is a Co-Founder of Messy Solutions, a carpet cleaning company in Perth.


Professor Davey Malinda Malinda-Director of Acquisitions and Research (Zambia)

Davey Malinda heads up our acquisitions team and manages all sourcing, underwriting, due diligence, and closing in Zambia. Davey has been in the multifamily investment industry since 2011, and in 2013 he built 4 units to house University students who had no accommodation and his firm grew from 0 to 8 units and a management company with 2 employees; he successfully exited that venture and teamed up with investments.

Davey graduated from  University of Zambia with a doctor’s degree in Education, organizational leadership.

The team is growing as we expand our services to as many investors as we can attract through education and collaboration.

Investors that are confident and ready to invest with us, can express their interest through this form

Looking forward to working with you. God bless and take care!
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Our History


Published # 1 Amazon Best Seller Book, Bringing Value, Solving Problems AND Leaving a Legacy.

Signed a partnership with Sanjay Kalra and Associate of New Delhi(Law Firm), India.

Partnered with 4 other investors from Australia to build student accommodation in Zambia.

Signed a MoU with  EDC Zambia Limited for 5 years to provide entrepreneurship and small business courses to high school ,college and university students and those in informal and formal employment.
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Our History


This year we teamed up with 6 authors to write yet another exciting book‘Struggles and Triumphs” of immigrants to Australia. These authors has showed resilience in times of struggles and came out victorious. Its a book that can inspire you if you are sitting on the side wall moaning and complaining. I urge you to get yourself a copy today and get inspired! Click here to get your copy




Our History

African Language Academy, Australia

In 2020, four entrepreneurs partnered with me to solve student accommodation in Lusaka, Zambia, by building 12 new units in Silverest, near Lusaka University.

In 2022, Charles and 6 other entrepreneurs founded the African Language Academy of Australia (ALAA) to teach African languages to children born in the Diaspora.

Charles continues to support the Victoria University of Wellington as an alumina by mentoring final students for a job search. To support his communities, Charles provides monthly financial support to two of his favorite charitable organizations, CareFlight and Peter Mac Cullam Cancer Foundation.

C J Investiments Pty Ltd has signed a MoU with PAGODA Projects of UK to host online INTERNS from universities of UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore


Our History

Plapol Software

We launched our Software company called PLAPOL SOFTWARE to help business owners work effectively and efficiently using new tools on the market.
We are able to develop booking systems, real estate software, Transport &logistics, Hotels and restaurants software, membership/e-Learning software and any custom software. Business owners can contact me for free consultation using my calendar on the website.

1.Learn best practices your competitors are using to gain market share. 2.Unpack the business market of prperty investing, finance and mortgage negotition techniques. 3.Gain insights, analysis and commentry from industry experts. 4.Receive Resaerch and Trending industry news. 5.Engage with Charles


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