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Hey, this is Charles Vincent Kaluwasha who will be taking you in this course. My brief background.  I was born in Zambezi District of North-Western Zambia. I am the third born in the family of 6, four boys and two girls. Completed my form five in 1981 and migrated to the Copperbelt province in Mufulira. In 1986 started working in the mines as a workman. After 3 years, I applied to train as a nurseRead...

This content is part of the 7 Key Mindset shifts series. You will gain access on March 29, 2020.

The #1 Secret We Use To Save Up To 80% On Luxury Condos, Hotels and Resorts Anywhere In The World

This is what we call lifestyle freedom formula, you get paid every time you went on a vacation. What if you got a check for 3k each time you showed others how to take more vacations? This is the easiest way to impact your life and have a desire to make a positive impact on others’ lives, but also create more abundance in your life  and leave a legacy that you can feel incredibly proudRead More

Shortage of rental units in Melbourne

There was a recent article which just came out stating that there is a shortage in Melbourne for rental units, and the rents have increased in an around the CBD location. Population in Melbourne is still the fastest growing in Australia and set to overtake Sydney in the next 7 years. Source: https://www.yourinvestmentpropertymag.com.au/news/victoria-in-need-of-rental-units-270104.aspx It’s a great opportunity for those who are buying new units now and get ready for the explosion. Recently Blue Earth DeveloperRead More

We are Changing Lives: Thousands of Australians are thanking you

You do an amazing thing I am inspired by many testimonies from Australians through the little contributions we donate to CareFlight Charles, right now, a lot of people in this country are saying, “Thank you.”Thank you for being there when they needed help most. Thank you for taking charge when their world was turning upside down. Thank you for giving them confidence, when they were afraid and needed life-saving help. As a CareFlight Support CrewRead More

Reasons why regional areas have the potential for growth this year

Washington Brown of Sydney has given the reason why the property market is changing this year as compared to the last few years. The report states that a lacklustre start to 2019 was largely due to apprehension around last year’s Federal Election and particularly proposed housing-related tax policies from the ALP. Au founder Terry Ryder.  “One year ago everything was super negative but now things are much more positive”, he states. Let’s first look at whyRead More

Earn While You Learn Apartments

My colleague Lance Edwards bought his first small apartment nothing down. And within 3 years, he retired from his corporate job.Since then, he’s done hundreds of deals directly and with students.How many apartments can you afford to buy if you have no cash or credit or risk? And someone else does the management?Uh… The answer would be all of them. On this webinar, Lance shows you the techniques everyday people use to buy apartments nothingRead More

A Remarkable Recovery in The Australian Housing Market

CoreLogic has released a report on the profile of the current buyers in 2020.This report will educate you on why the Australian housing market is on its recovery as opposed to the negative report from the mainstream and other sources. New buyers are looking at the quality of the property, location before they buy it as a principal place of residence rather than renting it out to someone. The demand for medium density dwellings inRead More

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Would you like to be receiving informative content like this? Then subscribe to my Home Business Tips newsletter.You can always update your subscription settings at any time. Now let’s dive into today’s informative content… Don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ve no doubt heard and perhaps even tried to implement this usefulproverb into your daily life at some point, but how many of us fail to doso in our business? This is also often referred toRead More

Here is why email marketing is vital to your business

Email marketing made easy. Want to get an email marketing campaign up andrunning in minutes? AWeber can help. Powered by AWeber Email marketing remains the number one strategy in building your brand and rapport with your clients. Every business has an email marketing software they use to communicate with their leads, clients and customers. In this article, I am going to give you real practical examples that I have curated in my research to helpRead More

What Does Google Consider Authority?

If you would like to be receiving updates, tricks and strategies to build a profitable home business even when you don’t have the experience, subscriber to my Home Business Tips newsletter.You can always update your subscription settings at any time. Now let’s dive into today’s informative content… Ever since Google algorithm updates started some years ago, a site’s authority has become increasingly important. Now, since every day that goes by, thousands of new sites appearRead More

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