Powerful Sponsoring Tools To Automate Your Marketing Efforts

This marketing brand that can potentially skyrocket your marketing effort is taking shape, and soon it will be launched to put you in a position that you can sit and relax knowing that the system is working hard for you. The developer and his team have been working on this project since 2017. He wants it to be like Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook in terms of structure and impact it will have on entrepreneurs.

It is a revolutionary, automated sponsoring system to place your business on fast track 24/7 with a high-tech, a high-touch system built from the scratch with no third-party software, that will explode your primary business while simultaneously generating traffic without lifting a finger. residual income.

What Impact will it have on individuals?

  • Will help families and individuals create part-time and even full-time income streams from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Potential for residual income for life.
  • Pay once out of your pocket.

Australians granted a six-month deferral on loan repayments, can this affect your credit rating?

According to The Australian Banking Association (ABA)  announcement any Australian who is granted a six-month deferral on loan repayments be it on a  mortgage or other credit products, will not have their credit rating affected. Eligibility will depend on previous credit history, provided they were up to date with repayments before COVID-19″*.

“If a customer is granted a deferral on their mortgage and other credit products because of COVID-19, banks will report customers as not having missed a repayment, provided they were all up to date when granted relief,”* ABA CEO Anna Bligh said.

The Australian Government announced new measures in March to provide support to affected workers, businesses and the broader community. For more information visit the website.**

If you need a COVID-19 support package, contact your bank/lender directly to discuss your options. You will be supported! Don’t stress.  
If you are looking for a perfect part-time working from home business, that is simple with no substantial investment, and that can last a lifetime, we have taken care of that for you. We are pleased to invite you to take a look by watching a video on this link. Use the following password “TIME”(all in caps) to unlock.   There’s something we can’t wait to share with you! We promise this will be time well spent.

In Times Like This, You Need Residual Income

This may be the time you have been waiting to find something that can enhance your life in times like this when the economy is not promising.

If this opportunity is pulled down by the time you read this blog post, we have another part-time work-from-home business that is enhancing thousands of people’s lives around the globe. To access the video insert the password “TIME” (all in caps) into the required space.

Why You Should Know More About OnPassive Marketing

For a one-time payment of $25 from your own pocket, you get all the basic and necessary marketing tools created and based on the latest and most advanced technologies to create a successful and profitable business (any business we do, including ONPASSIVE) and at the same time develop an ever-increasing regular income in ONPASSIVE.

Usually, on other marketing websites, people in the world buy these marketing tools for tens to hundreds, some even thousands of dollars MONTHLY! They need to buy marketing tools, invest a lot of money in the right and effective online advertising, and still have to spend time with potential customers.

However, it will be different in ONPASSIVE which will contain its own technology of artificial intelligence, which will be able to find on the Internet exactly those people who are interested in what you offer. And not only in terms of their interest but also in terms of sex, age, place, language, etc. And not only that it will find Artificial intelligence will even guide the potential customers from finding, informing about a product or service, after their purchase/investment and subsequent care for their further information … it will communicate with them at the almost-human level through chatbots.

Until now, people had to buy different marketing tools on different websites. Some ONPASSIVE marketing tools will even be free. This will result in people being able to find out how easy it is to use our marketing tools. Also, many will join ONPASSIVE and will be part of the 7 days trial.

They will be able to try everything for F.REE for 7 days and make a decision. It will be interesting for them that spill over in the matrix, marketing campaigns of the company will cause that in the 7 days someone may spill into their matrix as well. Because it will have all marketing tools under one roof and will use artificial intelligence. This means that people will no longer have to manually promote on social networks, they will no longer have to manually reach people on the Internet and around them.

Many people in the world simply can’t create a website, they can’t create an email campaign, they can’t set up a webinar, and so on. Our tools will be so EASY and can be used by a person who is not so proficient at the computer and the Internet. So far, tens of millions, or even a few hundreds of millions of people in the world have been using marketing tools. Even if someone does not make money for a package in a certain month, he will not lose his earnings, he will not lose his position and can do business with ONPASSIVE, if he wants to build a team, or just wait until his matrix fills up more.

In our matrices, over time, new positions will be created from people in our sponsorship line – from people above us in the matrix. Our system will also involve companies offering our products and services to their customers. And there are a huge number of companies in the world.

The Real Estate Investing: Our Anchor

When my wife and I started our company C J Investiment 6 years ago, our goal was to make it easier for people to identify, develop and purchase a diverse portfolio of real estate assets effectively. That vision still drives us today. We may have started out as a one of property investment that inspired our children as well as other immigrants from Africa, particularly Zambia with the desire to invest in real estate, but C J Investiment has since evolved into a comprehensive real estate investment vehicle.

Our Strength

Today one of our daughters sent us the above photo with nice words inserted at the bottom expressing their gratitude to what they have observed over the years. They are proud to call us “parents” without shame or reservation!

We have stood a test of time despite financial pressure, stress from being overworked, the long journeys we have travelled and other circumstances beyond our control, our love and joy have remained intact.

Financial Education

Over the years, we’ve learned that effective financial education has changed on our pesrpective on a lot of investment-related matters. From the little income we managed to save for deposits to buy our first investment property in New Zealand.

Our Achievement

This year we have managed to secure some apartments in Melbourne and Brisbane. Below is a snapshot of our team conducting a final inspection on two of the apartments for investment.

The achievement has been possible because of aligning ourselves with the right people, reading books, attending workshops and listening to podcasts. There are many prrograms that are consistently put up quality content:

  • Best real estate Investing Advice Ever
  • Apartment Building Investing
  • Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing
  • The Investor Mindset Podcast

My advise though is that before you spend time and money on coaching and mentorship — and especially before you invest in anything, I highly recommend that you spend 25-80hours listening to podcast and increase your level of education about what is available out there.


In today’s competitive world, networking is extremely important if you want to succeed. It is successful to acquire a post-graduate-level understanding or real estate by just dedicating yourself to education through the above resources. But to tell you the truth, knowledge alone will not take you far without strong, trust-based relationships. As the old saying goes, “Your network is your net worth” That was how I gained the courage and confidence to pursue a totally different path from my normal career of Nursing.

Here you can form partnerships, brainstorm, acquire quality teams and develop networking skills.


At its core, mentorship is about forming a connection; it shapes relationships, and, by extension, your ability to achieve your goals.

Every high performing real estate entrepreneur I know has at least one specific mentor who palyed and still plays a significant role in their success.

In ordeder to catapult your portfolio to an ultra-excerptional level, you unquestionable need at least one whom you can rely to guide you through challenging situation like Coronavirus that is paralysing companies and the economy. You can find the type of guidance in a text.

You should look for a mentor who are:

  • Expert in their field
  • Operating their business close to your ideal position in the industry
  • Have an amazing personality that matches to yours, otherwise, your relationship won’t last.
  • Are able to bring a tremendous amount of value to the table for example:

Processes and systems

Team members for outsourcing work

Deal analysis

Deal flow

Networking opportunities

Our Offer

I am proud to say that we have contributed to the thinking of a dozen investors through our investing course. the C J Investiment Academy. Our program is an informative resource that features in-depth presentations with high-profile authors, investors, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, solicitors and capital raiser will be added in future, all of whom have added tremendous value to our students.

If you are interested in learning more, visit https://cjinvesting.com/academy

Social Isolation: You are not alone

In the advent of Coronavirus we all been advised to social isolate to reduce the spread of the pandemic.

Above I am in my home office having my snack after meditation and listening to a divine service. Thankfully to technology that we are able to hear the word of God in these difficult times where we have been forced to be socially and physically be isolated.

I just wanted to come out and connect with you and reassure you that you are not alone therefore let’s get in touch with each other through this platform.

Although we can maintain physical distance as per World Health Organisation’s Guideline, but socially be connected through media, emails and phones.

Where you need help, take a phone or send an email someone will help and support you in any way. Don’t be completely isolated!

Have a wonderful day and may God bless you all.

By the way, here is something to keep you busy while you are in isolation…

It will help you connect with the world.

P.S.S Earn promoting Grammarly by placing and writing a post to receive $25.00 or receive 0.20 just for registering and earn back $20.00 when you purchase a premium upgrade.

I got mine just by writing about how Grammarly has impacted on my writing skills as below:

Installation and signing up is free. Use your writing skills to earn money while we are in this period of social isolation.

Case Study: This Zumba Instructor Increased Profitability by 200% When Her Gym Closed

Zumba instructor Alycia McFarlin pivoted to online classes with the help of the NEW AWeber Landing Page Builder so she could still connect with her students.


When the governor of Pennsylvania closed local gyms due to COVID-19, it affected the livelihood of gym instructors and the physical health of their students. 

The situation forced Zumba instructor Alycia McFarlin to cancel her in-person Zumba classes. Her students were disappointed, and she lost recurring revenue from classes.

That night, McFarlin quickly came up with a plan to continue offering Zumba to her students — with online classes. 

Her first online class was a huge success, filling to capacity in 15 minutes. Plus, she increased profitability by 200%.

Here’s how she did it.

How McFarlin promoted her online Zumba classes

McFarlin had already experimented with and found a platform to host her online classes. 

The only problem? She didn’t have a way for students to learn about and sign up for the online classes.

At first, she considered creating a website to promote the online class. But McFarlin wasn’t sure if her online class would be profitable, and she didn’t want to invest countless hours building a website. She needed a way to quickly build an online page to promote her class and test out her idea.

So she used AWeber’s Landing Page Builder to create a landing page to promote her online classes.


“With AWeber Landing Page Builder, I was able to create a page in under 10 minutes that fit my style and personality, and included all the information that people would need. It allows me to communicate with people, gauge interest, and mold this online business into whatever it becomes,” says McFarlin.

Related: 10 Steps to Creating a Landing Page That Converts

The AWeber Landing Page Builder was perfect for McFarlin. It included all the features she needed, like:

  • FaceBook pixel IDs
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • The ability to tag subscribers inside AWeber
  • The option to add videos to the page
  • A seamless integration with her AWeber email lists

Ready to grow your own business? Create a landing page today.

The next morning, she started promoting her new online class. She posted a link to her landing page on her Facebook business page. 

“I ran a free trial. I limited it to 25 people, and the class filled within 15-minutes. Students were reaching out to me to open it up to allow more to attend, which was pretty cool,” says McFarlin.

A simple survey helped McFarlin offer the right product to customers and increase profitability by 200%.

When McFarlin is not teaching Zumba, she is a UX designer at AWeber. “I incorporate customer feedback before, after, and during most product releases to make sure our customers have a strong voice in the features that we develop,” says McFarlin. 

As a UX designer, McFarlin knew she needed feedback from customers who attended her free online class. She wasn’t sure how much to charge for online courses. She also wondered if her audience would still participate in online classes once her gym reopened. 

So she created a short survey and asked her customers for their opinions.

Based on the feedback from the survey, McFarlin decided to charge $6 for her online Zumba class. The next day, she launched her $6 class. 

Her online workouts helped her reach even more students than her in-person classes. With a little help from her Facebook friends and followers, posts about McFarlin’s online class were shared on Facebook to expand McFarlin’s audience reach.

Plus, she discovered that her online classes are 200% more profitable. 

When she taught classes at the gym, the gym paid her a flat rate. It didn’t matter how many people attended the class. But with her online classes, McFarlin could charge for each student that attended. 

“Landing pages have definitely been huge for me during this time,“ says McFarlin.

Ready to grow your own business? Create a landing page today.

Start your free trial of AWeber and get access to AWeber’s Landing Page Builder, unlimited emails, automated campaigns, and 24/7 customer solutions.

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Rob Patterson

Chief Marketing OfficerRead more posts by Rob Patterson


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The Grove Apartments 1-5 Olive York Way Brunswick West VIC 3055: Ready For You!

Development Information

Architect: MAP Architecture

Builder: Hamilton Marino Local Government Area: Moreland (City)

Suburb: Brunswick West, VIC

Project Status: Completed

Type: Residential

Building Type: Mid-rise


1, 2 & 3 bedroom configurations


325 residences

Estimated completion stage status

1. Site set up works   Completed
2. Bulk excavation  Completed
3. Basement works  Completed
4. Structure Works Completed
5. Services rough in  Completed
6. Window glazing Completed
7. Facade cladding    Completed
8. Internal fit-out works completed
9. Finishing works  Completed
10. Title registration Completed
11. Occupancy permit   Completed
12. Ready to settle 30th March 2020   
 After settlement apartments will be ready for occupancy. We have two apartments that will be for rent, you are more than welcome and enjoy being a new apartment!

Project Brochure Pricing & floorplans Construction updates Get Notified View terms and conditions

Three favourite things about The Grove

When we bought these apartments “off-the-plan” in 2017, we were intrigued by the following features

  • A holistic and stylish approach to the exterior and interior design.
  • Spacious and comfortable apartments with high quality finishes.
  • A community feel with plenty of residential activity spaces.

Poised to make a statement in the eclectic suburb of West Brunswick is newcomer “The Grove”.

The product of a joint collaboration between developer Blue Earth Group and MAP Architecture, these residences showcase a superior level of style and functionality.

The Grove is comprised of three buildings offering 325 apartments across 9 floors, each with their own name, style and feel. Elm features 95 one and two bedroom apartments, Oak features 115 one, two and three bedroom apartments, Maple features 115 more one, two and three bedroom apartments.

The Grove, designed by award-winning MAP Architecture, showcases a philosophy of exceptional design that integrates stylish good looks, spatial harmony and a wealth of practical solutions for everyday living.

Gorgeous interiors by the highly regarded Adele Bates Design Studio have been designed with ‘a place for everything’ creating apartments superior in both style and functionality. The spectacular one, two and three bedroom residences across the three buildings reflect a holistic design vision.

With a passion for individuality and carefully considered detail, the space is warm and ambient, immersing you with natural materials, engineered timber floors and stone benchtops and mirrored splashbacks.

Superb engineered joinery delivers both a luxurious appearance and robust, long-lasting functionality. Residents will enjoy the incredible amount of exclusive amenities placed perfectly to encourage an active and social lifestyle.

The Grove Amenities:

  • Health Club
  • Business centre
  • Landscaped spa
  • Bocce court
  • Outdoor kitchen and dining
  • Cafe
  • Private lounge and dining room
  • Table tennis zone

The Grove features a uniquely sophisticated facade that draws from a broad palette of materials arranged in a structured design defined by clean white crisp lines.

Located in West Brunswick, be within a short walking distance of a highly cultural and vibrant lifestyle hub such as Sydney Road, lined with eclectic cafes, bars, restaurants, boutiques and thrift stores showing off the proud diversity of the area. Moonee Valley Racecourse is within walking distance with the exciting hub of Moonee Ponds just a 5 minute drive away.

Peruse Puckle and Hall streets as you find yourself amongst fresh food markets, fine dining experiences and boutique shops.

Nearby education

  • Tertiary
  • Secondary
  • Primary

RMIT University 25 Dawson Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3056 Satellite 2.3km away

Monash University 381 Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria 3052 Satellite 3.4km away

University of Melbourne Grattan Street, Parkville, Victoria, 3010 Main 5.1km away

Victoria University Ballarat Rd, Footscray VIC 3011 Main 5.4km away

Torrens University Australia 25 Victoria Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065 Satellite 5.6km away

This is a good place to live, rent or buy, everything is within reach, there is no place like “The Grove”

Source: Urban

Three steps to becoming a proficient investor

Real estate investing equals to Freedom

Let’s take a look at The Education Fundamentals and try to honestly assess where you are in regard to your understanding of investing. The best answer, of course, is to put ourselves on the path of financial education. Then we shall know how to control risk and modify investments to achieve our goals.

Having Investments is not enough – Be an Investor instead

One of the most common loopholes new investors encounter is that they focus on what they want to own rather than what they want to become. As you concentrate on growing your knowledge of investing through education, you will enjoy becoming more aware of the investing techniques that people use in the stock market to achieve monthly cash flow and retire early.

Lack of financial education Forces You to Depend on Others

Many people have become totally dependent on outside advisors due to a lack of education, such as their 401 companies, to take care of their money. It has become evident that we have been wired to our culture and everyone thinks that we can’t learn new skills for ourselves, that we can’t do the magic that they do.

Make Investing a Life Skill

We have amazing brains that are able to learn new things and acquire new skills. Let’s look at Sabari, founder of King Kong company here in Australia who has That’s nearly $10,000 invested over $10,000,000.00 in just his agency company. He wasn’t born with that skill but remained focussed and committed investment of time and money it became a reality.

 If generating money through investments is important to us, we can acquire new skills that will bless our lives with freedom, time, and great satisfaction in due course.

“If it takes money to make money, then no one would ever create greater income and wealth

There is no genius needed to accomplish great things. ” Just a strong desire and simple skills available to anyone”.

Covid-19; How it works and how can we reduce the severity of this pandemic?

We have all heard about the corona virus which causes the Covid-19 infection in our homes, work environment, the community, the country and the world.

Every day we read on social media, listen to the radio and watch the TV and see how many people are affected and those who have lost lives so far.

Some people are still in denial, yet it is real, it has come and we are all at risk of contracting this disease. There is too much information to take at one time, some of it is misleading.

Through research and intensive reading, I have a great video, from a very respected scientist, explaining things about COVID-19; what it is, how it works, and what we can do.

I urge you to take a pen and a paper to write down the most important points to help you reduce the spread of this infection in your household and the community.


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