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I can’t over overemphasize that. Therefore look for a good location that has a high population, many developments, and a lot of basic amenities such as hospitals, parks, bus/rail, sports and many others.
That’s because people are always prepared to pay to live in those locations.

Without this procedure, it would be difficult to tell the property’s cost, so consider appraisal to know the exact value and cost of the investment.

Hire a Qualified Property Manager
Leveraging means investing in a property to create opportunities for other people to pay your loan. They are professional enough to put things under control for property owners and tenants. These experts may also offer you advice on managing your tenants and increasing the value of your property. Moreover, your property manager may explain your responsibilities and ownership rights.

If there are maintenance issues, your property manager will call upon repairers on your behalf. It includes two types of policies – liability protection and property policy.
On the other hand, you can leverage your investment by putting down a small deposit into your investment.

Leverage gives you the ability to control a large asset with only a small amount of money. In real estate investing terms, this would be the ability to buy a property with only a small deposit.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you could buy a property with as little as a 5-10% deposit.
However, most lenders require a 20% deposit to avoid any lenders mortgage insurance. The belief of the lenders is that property prices are unlikely to fall more than 20%, so they can feel confident lending this amount of money for real estate investment purposes.

What that means is that with a small deposit of only 20%, an investor can control the entire asset and more importantly, gets to benefit from the capital growth and cash flows on the 100% of the value of the property.

In practice, this means the return you receive on your cash is far greater than many other asset classes, like stocks because of the impact that leverage has.

Alternative property investment

In recent years there has been a sharp increase in these types of investments and investors look for more opportunities. Some of the types of alternative investments include multi-unit dwellings such as student accommodation. Other alternative property investments focus on opportunities in the commercial real estate sector such as child care centres or petrol stations, which generally have higher yields than residential property.


The beauty of real estate investment is that there are so many different ways to create wealth through various property investment strategies.
These will be your daily bread and butter. Select the ones that are comfortable for you. Add more as you progress in your real estate investing.

Below are a few strategies for your consumption:

  1. Build a network of like-minded real estate entrepreneurs. Practical networking skills and the ability to acquire team members is critical. Hunter Thompson, the CEO of Sym Capital, says, “one difference between successful real estate entrepreneurs and everyone else is their ability to leverage relationships to grow their businesses and solve problems if something goes wrong.”
  2. Form a syndicated investment portfolio where investors pool capital together to purchase higher quality properties than would be available to individuals.
  3. Develop the ability to attract, nurture and close high-quality clients
  4. Learn or seek advice to create systems and processes to allow your business to grow
  5. Start an online education flavoured by annual conference to bring together exceptionally experienced real estate professionals, property managers, economics and thought leaders who have a deep understanding of all aspects of investment space
  6. Learn to establish credibility, attract investors and raise funds for your real estate portfolio if you want to secure the lifestyle you want and the freedom that accompany it.
  7. Must be able to effectively communicate the value of your particular investment type and raise seven-figure income per year.
  8. Readiness to face challenges such as competition, regulations surrounding investments and working your tail for the first few years
  9. Read books, listen to a podcast, attend workshops and courses that outline a blueprint for success and could be applied to immediate action plans. Becoming an expert in real estate is essential in the financial sector to accomplishing the critical step of raising capital for real estate. This will provide you with a transparent approach in your investment portfolio without relying heavily on professional finance advisors.
  10. Be obsessed with growth. Hunter encouraged me to make it clear that I am always striving for bigger and better things; that is what successful people do as well. Implying that you are always trying to level-up your network, finding the: best-in-class to rub shoulders with.”
  11. Protect Your Wealth
    Build a Legal Fortress Around Your Business that Keeps Financial Pirates, Predators, and Other Disasters Away. This way you will not lose but have a piece of mind that your wealth will ever be protected for generations to come.

  12. Join or start a Mastermind Groups to leverage each other’s experience to gain vast knowledge and rapidly achieve similar results. In my training course, I do invite high performers in the industry to educate our clients on related topics.
  13. Learn to raise capital through syndication. This can change the way you want to scale your business. In syndication, several investors pool their capital together and invest in properties much more extensive than they would do individually. Our business model is built on this structure.  Check it out and compare with other business models!


Rescue Program

C J Investiment was first established in Perth, offering real estate rescue programs to distressed homeowners to save their creditworthiness and equity,wipe off debt faster and start a new life.

Alternative investment

Alternative investment may also be an option for smart investors. One of the premier benefits to investors is the diversification of assets that can contribute to immediate cash flow while waiting for your property investment to take off. We have a range of products on offer to accumulate your potential earnings and have multiple income-generating avenues in your portfolio. Just complete this free application and get started with our FAST START PACKAGE

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