Invest in AgroLife

Invest in AgroLife

Agrolife’s cutting-edge solutions are a game-changer for modern agriculture. With climate change wreaking havoc on crop yields, our satellite-powered platform provides the insights and tools farmers need to adapt and thrive. From predicting pest outbreaks to optimizing irrigation, our data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of farming. Farmers can stop leaving their livelihood to chance by partnering with Agrolife to unlock the full potential of their land, boost productivity, maximize profits, and future-proof their operations for life. We are inviting country partners to our Agritech Solution, called AgroLife Tech Solution, soon to be introduced in all African countries, including Australia and New Zealand. The solution promotes smart and precision farming among farmers. The solution comes in handy, especially given the climate change that may bring about pests/diseases, diseases, droughts, and floods.
The solution uses satellite data and performs the following functionalities, among others:

1) Farmland mapping/geotagging (helps farmer’s fields and farmland receive targeted data)
2) Produces a crop calendar (helps a farmer to properly plan and prepare for his/her farming activities incidental to the crop(s) to be grown)
3) Determines soil status in terms of available nutrients and nutrient deficiencies (helps farmers improve the soils that can effectively support the growth of a crop)
4) Determines soil moisture ( helps farmer precisely apply water as required by the crop to be grown, and this promotes efficient use of the resource, especially those irrigating)
5) Predicts pests and diseases that are likely to attack farmers’ crops (helps the farmer take precautionary measures and prevent a possible attack as he/she is forewarned)
6) Identifies pests and diseases in the field and suggests remedies or chemicals (helps farmers apply specific control and management measures)
7) Predicts the weather every 15 days (helps farmers be ready for any eventuality and plan ahead)

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It’s a million-dollar business project. Those who are interested can contact us for further information.


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