Making Money Transfers Simple

Making Money Transfers Simple

I trust your June isn’t going too fast for you!

I just wanted to remind you about OFX’s ability to direct debit clients’ funds. Two weeks ago, a referred client had to move $14 million from Australia to the US. As he was based in the US, his bank only allowed him to move $100,000 per day. This would have taken him 280 days to move his money.

Instead, after  verification, OFX withdrew the total of $14 million from the client’s account and had the USD in the client’s bank in a few days. The client received a great exchange rate, and the process was safe and convenient. If you or other clients are experiencing a similar problem, please reach out to us or register directly through our secure link!

A simple and cheap way to transfer money abroad. The rates are competitive (like 2 or 3% less than banks or even travelex) and the app is fairly simple to learn and use. Typically, transactions between the UK, Europe, and Australia are completed within 1 working day. Their support is second-to-none. To those complaining about the ID requirements, it’s international law you need to complain about. I’ve found it relatively simple to comply. Rip-off banks can get stuffed! Update: so fast and efficient. ❤️

OFX Monthly Currency Outlook—a 12-minute read.


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