“Our mission is to help people achieve financial freedom by passively investing in multifamily/apartment buildings and to create a sense of community at our property investments to improve the quality of life of our residents and their whanau.” It is proven that investing in yourself and in your business is usually going to be your highest-leverage and most profitable move. That’s where you have control. That’s where you define your own success. Our system exposes you to step-by-step instructions to equip you with knowledge and skill to lay a strong foundation in wealth building strategies. There’s an old adage, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail.’ It rings very true in the world of investing. Great investment ideas fall to the wayside if you don’t have a plan of attack. You need to set the right goals for the right time frame and the right outcomes. A plan should be more than just ‘make money’. It should be more than a thought in your head. This applies to investing, saving, all aspects of finance. Maybe you’re trying to save for a house deposit. Maybe you want to save to invest in stocks. Maybe you want to do both. Or maybe you want to build a long-term trust for your kids. Maybe you want to build assets for retirement. Maybe you want to do it all. You can and should have multiple goals and multiple strategies. Each strategy should be specific to the outcome of the goals you set. This impacts where you invest, why you invest, and how long you invest. You should have an overarching plan for wealth creation. You should know what strategies to employ to reach your goal. You should also have a number of sub-strategies and plans to tick off along the way. That's why we are providing inexpensive step-by-step module on how you can start building wealth in real estate investing Faster than you think and start making money and leave a legacy for your children. Enrol now and start the course!

    Cedar Tree Learning System

    Our Brand-New Real Estate Investing Course

    Introduction! The Cedar Tree System: A Business Model That Will Stand The Test Of Time! Powered by WordPress In Psalms 92:12 “It reads, ‘The Righteous “shall grow like a cedar tree in Lebanon”I relate this verse to the business model that is uplifting the living standards of ordinary people whoRead More

    Welcome to our site. We have exciting content to share with you on this journey. We started our real estate portfolio 2 years after settling in Wellington, New Zealand. We bought our first property in Stokes Valley. 2 years later sold it at a profit and built a four bedroom dream home in Porirua.
    Ten years later, sold it at a profit and moved to Australia in 2014. With this experience, we started our own business teaching others on how to generate residual income in apartment building. We know all the pros and cons when it comes to buying and selling properties in both countries. In addition, the knowledge we have gained from DG Institute plus 10 years personal experience give us an added advantage of real estate investing education to help new homeowners,investors and those who want to become real estate entrepreneurs.
    We shall be your guide in building your real estate portfolio.
    Take time to navigate and explore the services we provide. We have some golden nuggets to give away just to thank you for taking your precious time to visit our site! If this resonates with you please leave a comment or share the content with families and friends. We shall appreciate.

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    We have dedicated staff that understand your needs and aspirations. They even come to your home to have an open and honest chat.
    CJ  Invest$ment Team …
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    … Real Estate Rescue  Experts
    Our Vision
    Deliver Unique Property Investing Insights That Empower Entrepreneurs To Tap Into Real Estate Economy

    Our philosophy
    To empower home owners and investors with real estate knowledge on new strategies in creating and maintaining generational wealth in this changing economy.
    Our specialties
    Helping you to rebuild your financial life

    Protect your credit rating and wipe off accumulated debts faster.

    Link you to specialized financial and real estate experts and institutions locally and internationally with series of exclusive real estate bunusses for you, including access to BONUS chapters,action guide,private online communities which will help you apply these powerful marketing strategies in your business as fast as possible.To find out more, give us a call or send us an email, post in the chat box at the right bottom of this website and one of us will contact you for a friendly chat.

    Some of our Proud Partners

    • Quote 1:"I have known Charles Vincent Kauwasha for many long years now since we first met in Accident and Emergency department of Hutt Hospital Lower Hutt New Zealand, where he was an emergency nurse. I had a problem with my heart and very quickly learnt to trust him with my life! we got talking about our businesses and exchanged contact details. Charles has been a loyal friend and business contact here and on whatsapp etc ever since that time, even after he moved from New Zealand to Australia. Charles is a very honest, loyal and trustworthy person, both in business and as a friend. I highly recommend Charles as a safe person to know and do business with. Gabrielle Jane Gibson Artist- Author Visual Creations Unlimited Limited"
    • Quote 2: "Charles has provided me with many – free but easy to use marketing tools. If you are new to affiliate marketing – Charles is the best person to go to"- Ivana Bosnjak
    • Quote 3: "With his humble beginnings overseas, Charles would be a perfect mentor for someone feeling trapped with not much to look forward to in future. Listen to his story and be amazed and inspired… starting with nothing to where he is! He will teach you about the power of perseverance. Well done Charles" Lucius Chongo-Senior Mental Health Nurse – RN, RPN, BNurs (Postreg), GDip MentalHealthNurs, MMentalHealth (Nurs)
    • Quote 4: "A unique and profound CEO I have seen in our times, I have seen the calibre in Charles. Charles has a performing influence drive from his desires to do work in an extraordinary way. Charles is adeliver, you will not regret working on projects with him"- ChisangaKelvin Chisanga-Executive Director at i-NetCom Business Solutions Zambia Limited
    • Quote 5:"I Studied with Vincent Kaluwasha during this programme. A highly skilled and knowledgeable individual. Passionate about Occupational Health and would suitably work in the is capacity anywhere in the world". JACOB JOSEPH SAKALA-NURSE CONSULTANT – LOCUMS/RECRUITMENT. Jacob Joseph Sakala
    • Quote 6: "Charles is a man with a great deal of integrity and takes pride in his work"-Michelle Jayes: Internet Home Based Opportunities at Online-Income-Business and an SFI Affiliate
    • Quote 7: "I’ve known Charles for many years and every encounter has been a happy one….he has a wonderful attitude towards life. He is a man of integrity".Trevor Gordon-Cisco Business Development Manager – NSW at Comstor Pty Ltd
    • Quote 8: "C J Investiment helped me to secure my first investment with couple of weeks. I will recommend their services to anyone looking for best investment in any city or country" Henry Smith
    • Quote 9: "I have seen how Charles has evolved from nothing to setting up a real estate portfolio with determination"Jessica McDadeHe is a man of integrity and passion who leaves a stone unturned!
    • Quote 10: All the developers of D5 Creation have come from the disadvantaged part or group of the society. All have established themselves after a long and hard struggle in their life ----- D5 Creation Team
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