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Our approach seamlessly integrates qualified specialists in property, accounting and taxation, wealth, debt reduction and financial literacy to maximise your economic potential.

We have partnered with a team of industry leaders from various professionals to provide you with holistic advice and strategies across financial planning, taxation and property investing.

This highly tailored and coordinated approach is helping hundreds of our clients and students build investment portfolios FASTER, grow and protect wealth, minimise tax and secure healthier financial future and leave a legacy

Our Mission

To make quality, sustainable, holistic, wealth creation strategies affordable and available to all motivated individuals and make a positive financial impact in their lives.

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Homeowners, Investors who want to become entrepreneurs

Hello, my name is Charles Vincent Kaluwasha, the Founder of C J Investment property and LifeOnTheNet7.com and currently controls over $1.5M in multifamily real estate investments across Australia.

If you want to change your situation like the way I did, and get a clear path for action and what you can do RIGHT NOW to set yourself up for success and continue working in the future(no matter if you are an absolute BEGINNER) then my simple strategies can make all the difference!
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Home owners

What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur/investor

Real Estate Property

We think in terms of «How can I do it?» Saying you can't do something closes you into a box and shuts... Read More

Services That We Provide

Investment in real estate

For decades Australian’s have always looked to residential property as one of the leading investment options. Over the... Read More

Investment Academy

Our mission is to help you achieve financial freedom by passively investing in multifamily/apartment buildings and to create... Read More

Expand our network of partners & investors

Over the years, I have learned that one key difference between successful real estate entrepreneurs and everyone else is... Read More
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Investment in real estate

For decades Australian’s have always looked to residential property as one of the leading investment options. Over the past 30 years, the value of house prices in Australia has continued to appreciate significantly. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented Corona Virus, house prices have gone down in the last six months. Areas affected are Sydney,...

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Our Blog

What we do and how we can serve you

We buy unlisted properties from motivated sellers in the following categories: inheritance, foreclosure,...

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Intellectual and informational platform Worth 3.5 billion built on 4 pillars-CATMO

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3 Key Levers To Building Trust With High Net Investors

My friend and coach Yakove has taken yet another lap in providing some pieces of training to help you connect with high net...

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Real estate investing course & investment Academy

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