Int’l Investing Partners

Int’l Investing Partners

Amazing Relationship

I’m beyond grateful for the amazing relationships I’ve built with a variety of CEOs, Businesses, Lawyers, Owners, and Influencers over the last couple of years both online and offline. Coming from a third-world country as an immigrant and growing up in the age of abject poverty, I always dreamed of being a business owner who could live a life of freedom and significance.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m so proud to still be exposing thousands of people to a whole new way of investing in small and multifamily apartments thru e-Learning programs, C J Investing academy and working with 1-On-1 Coaching and mentoring clients.

Two Major Changes

It’s also a large part of the reason why I’ve decided to announce two major changes at C J Investiment as we get ready to expand our network with partners and investors in real estate. The first change is a little more of a personal one. I will be hitting time for retirement soon after working for 31 years as a health professional as well as investing in apartments to make extra income to contribute to a home mortgage which will see this paid off in 10 years.

It has been quite an experience setting up this strategy, to say the least, yet I am certainly moving in this direction and as an entrepreneur, this strategy will do wonders for both my personal growth and the growth of the business.

Busy Professional

As a business owner and a busy health professional, I’ve seen how difficult it can be to have that time to invest in real estate and to do it in a way that actually produces results while having to juggle every other component of your business.

Investing Strategy Offer

With our Cedar Tree Investing strategy now being offered, we have still had a few spots available to enrol a handful of new clients who would be the right fit, before the end of this month. To see if your business would be a good fit for this package and learn more about working with us, click here to apply for and schedule your complimentary assessment.

The Future Looks Bright

The future looks bright for C J Investiment Property, and I’d like to thank you for staying connected. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there’s ever anything I can do for you personally or professionally.


Founder of CJ Investiment property and academy and currently controls over $2M in multifamily real estate all across Australia.

Leading authority on apartment building investing and has helped others purchase over 2 units valued at over $4M in 2019 and through basic personal finance, entrepreneurship, and coaching programs. He is also the head of Cedar Tree Equity Fund and has good working relationships with other professionals and partners in the industry.

Ready to Discover our 3 Step System?

Ready to discover a proven 3 step system for building your investment portfolio to generate generational wealth, receive a monthly cash flow to impact your life and others than you ever thought possible? Click here to register for a free consultation and one of our financial and mortgage specialists will contact you.

Partnership and Network Connections

We are always open to partner with legitimate companies locally and internationally to work and collaborate for the benefit of mutual relationships and growth.

I am thrilled to announce that C J Investiment Property and Academy has signed an exciting new partnership with SANJAY KALRA AND ASSOCIATE(LAW FIRM) based in New Delhi, India, represented by Sanjay Kalra Attorney.

There is no doubt that Sanjay’s global expertise in Law, international investment, real estate strategies will attract new opportunities to our growing company in innovation, personal growth, and prosperity in Australia and beyond.

Sanjay’s extensive and unending support to our emerging e-learning platform and real estate investment company will ease the process and develop our goal in empowering entrepreneurs in this post-pandemic ever.
We are more than excited to move forward with greater purpose and unstoppable energy and growth in this sector.


Sanjay Kalra Advocate
Mr Sanjay Kalra is the Managing Chairman of Sanjay Kalra & Associates, and he is heading his law firm in India. He is also a Speaker on various forums in the World. He was born and raised in India, where he completed his post-secondary and legal education. His years of legal experience and knowledge are an asset to any clientele. His expertise includes Immigration, Real Estate, Investments, Corporate (M&A) between India and the World.Office :1-C/3 Lawyers Chamber, Delhi High Court, New Delhi -110003, India.
Cell -011-91-9810045392
Skype: sanjay.kalra66


” There’s no need to look for another technology partner when you decide to scale up”. This headline made me more interested to get to know the people behind After due diligence, we engaged them to redevelop our website to meet the needs of our clients. I was impressed with their commitment and skill.

Because of the trust and integrity displayed, we signed an MoU to work in collaboration as a partner to help other entrepreneurs grow to scale their business through modern technology. They are one of the companies offering remote development teams that are ISO 27001 accredited.


Godrej Waterside
DP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar
Kolkata, West Bengal 700091
Phone: +91 9007776585


YAKOV Mark, developer of LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator

I was not getting anywhere, despite having a LinkedIn profile for a while, I’ve had it sitting there like a resume with little or no new business to show from it, and why instead, I found myself constantly scrambling to raise capital.

I discovered why typical real estate investors and agents keep using the same tired old marketing methods and failing. It took me time to tap into a new way of using LinkedIn, making key contacts, and having access to the capital I was looking for.

Many people have used this system to generate 2.3 million in profit during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re a real estate investor, you know that your ability to raise capital is the single biggest key to you being able to enjoy the kind of lifestyle and freedom you have always wanted. But you may feel like it’s a struggle constantly trying to find investors and, even more importantly, the HIGH NET-WORTH investors you’re looking for.

You know LinkedIn is full of high net-worth individuals who would be your dream investors. The new LinkedIn has offered me the massive potential for attracting high net-worth investors, making key contacts, and raising the capital I have been looking for.

Finally, the LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator program offers a unique system for attracting more of the BEST investors consistently. It’s a system I’ll be able to rely on for years to come as I continue raising capital and accelerating my business by tapping into a new way of using LinkedIn. Thanks to our partnership with Yakov!


Yakov Mark
Linked Lead Enterprises, LLC
7121 W. Craig Rd.
Las Vegas
Nevada 89129
United Stateswebsite:LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator (

The Movement

I have partnered with “The Movement” company providing a new free promotional and advertising tool for businesses to increase their customer traffic as a way to help recover from pandemics. As a social media platform for the students base, we are trying to support students and local businesses around Murdoch Universities in WA through this platform.

The goal is to get businesses in front of students by offering discounts. This is a new concept that is available to all businesses around the globe. I am glad that many local businesses are signing up for our platform. They have seen the impact on their businesses because every $1 a student saves, we apply $5 in promotions for their businesses. The higher the discount, the more attractive the merchant will receive.

On the other hand, students love discounts, saving them dollars for the next purchase. As a bonus for students to sign up to our platform, they get $25 free and each friend gets $100 in discounts to spend at local shops and restaurants. It’s a win-win game!

“I love that I can earn money just by doing exactly what I was already doing on other apps! Also, I know I’m doing my part to help fight the climate crisis.”

Testimonial avatar

Maggie M.

For students: Get $100 (it’s free!)

For merchants:


The Movement

Supporting small businesses to hit back

Merchant.College 501 West Broadway, Suite A182 San Diego, California 92101 United States

Entrepreneurs Development Circles of Zambia

On 20 June 2021, C J Investiments signed an MoA with SGM-Entrepreneurs Development Circles of Zambia, to provide business development services and contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Zambia. This joint program is aimed at developing an “entrepreneurial mind” among the Zambian people for job and wealth creation.

SGM-Entrepreneurs Development Circles is a Zambian private company with its Australian partner organisations CJ Investments Property has designed a robust and noble Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Development Programme for job and wealth creation, being implemented in collaboration with Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Prestew Food Solutions Limited and Reumaifab Tech & Marketing Limited. The programme targets students in high schools (grades 10-12), colleges/universities, interested community members, whether unemployed, informal (with 1-5 years to retire) or informal employment and agro-based cooperatives to help them create/register their own companies, receive funding, run viable businesses, and become their own bosses and employers. We seek to augment the government’s efforts in actualising the vision 2030 and the programs as articulated in the 7 th National Development and subsidiary plans of making Zambia a Prosperous and Poverty-free Society within sustainable employment opportunities that guarantee wealth for its people.

The program will be implemented through Entrepreneurship Clubs that will be formed in secondary schools, colleges and universities and in communities to cater for the unemployed youths, those working in the informal sector and ready to respond to the government’s call to take entrepreneurship as a vehicle to grow the economy through enterprise development, job creation.

Interested individuals countrywide and beyond, with a passion to develop into successful entrepreneurs can become members.


SGM – Entrepreneurs Development Circles

Indeco House, 5th Floor, Room 506, Cairo Road

C/O P.O. Box 30560, Lusaka, Zambia

Phone: +260 971 032 787                           

Mobile: +260 760 114 844

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