Navigating obstacles and bottlenecks

Navigating obstacles and bottlenecks

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Imagine having a profit strategy for your business that eliminates the need for any new advertising, changing marketing tactics, or any additional time spent working in your business.

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With that said, let’s pick up where we left off last time.

Believe it or not, there are only 2-3 obstacles or bottlenecks you’re likely to face in business. The first is the worst, and it’s the one we’ve already covered in past lessons:

Simply not knowing where you’re going or what you want.

On day 1, I told you about EOD reports, and how they can be a tool for getting (and keeping) CLARITY about where you are at now, today, in your life & business.

Yesterday, we continued the conversation by talking about where you are going in the future.

Beyond that, we must have a way to deal with the inevitable little distractions that pop up during the week, and chip away at our focus.

To do this, we’re going to teach you a “mapping” method that will ensure you maintain the highest levels of productivity and efficiency throughout a typical work week.

Stephen Covey, best selling author and management expert, says there are two types of production for humans:

  1. Production
  2. Production Capacity

Your “production” is, as it sounds, your current output.

Your “capacity” is what you’re capable of, if everything was set up properly.

What most people realize after they begin using a mapping method like I’m about to teach you, is that they’ve been operating at less than half of their production capacity. There is a LOT of un-utilized potential in your day to day calendars.

The truth is, we don’t lack time, we lack focus and energy.

The point of “Mapping” is to ensure nothing finds its way into your priorities unless it is a strategic deployment of your time & energy.

Here’s a three-tiered ‘mapping’ system for managing tasks and priorities in a nutshell:

Monthly Mapping: Identify all pre-scheduled commitments for the month, then establish a tasks list considering your objectives and targets.

Weekly Planning: From the monthly task list, generate a weekly map of priorities and schedule them, ensuring your calendar reflects this.

Daily Execution: Each day, review your weekly map schedule, update your calendar as necessary, and engage in end-of-day processes. Consider accountability measures if you struggle with execution.

The goal of this mapping process is to ensure you stay super organized and effective with your task management.

If you would like some help or accountability when it comes to planning and mapping your time, schedule a quick chat with me here:

Talk soon,

“’Mapping is LIFE’”


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