Just launched, let others build you a massive email list

    Did you know that every individual on your email list is worth approximately $1.00 per month in residual revenue to you?   Imagine having 4000 people on your email list? That would come out to $4000.00 per month in income just by promoting affiliate offers to your list.   If you want to […]

The Secret of drinking warm water instead of coffee every morning

At first, she would only give up my morning cup of coffee reluctantly and desperately, but the decision ultimately changed the way she worked. Let me be clear: it wasn’t an overnight success. At first, she kept falling asleep at work, but she became restless. But she believed it was her body’s way of adapting […]

Create Video Landing Pages in 20 Seconds

  My business partner and mentor, Tissa and I have been working on software that can make your work much easier and faster. You can grow your email list by adding opt-in forms to all your videos. Conserve your hard-earned cash (no need to buy any third-party email marketing services) Customized calls to action and […]

Viduber: highly profitable video marketing system that works with and for you

Welcome to Viduber…where you will save a bundle and make a fortune with your videos! Yes! It’s the first video hosting company that offers a 60% residual commission payout program for any paid referrals! A 35% direct referral commission is paid plus a 25% matching check based on the total sales generated by your direct […]

How to create lasting memories

Shanny expresses her gratitude to our family travel club, which has assisted hundreds of members in creating lifelong moments for their friends and family. For example, when our club member Gerardo Castillo took his family on their first trip together, he was able to watch his mother crying and saying, “HAPPY.” Watch the video to […]

Painting, gardening, and putting together furniture are all jobs that are safe and easy to try

So, when it comes to DIY, there are some tasks that you should avoid and others that you can attempt safely. Let’s have a look at the different types. Painting, gardening, and putting together furniture are all jobs that are safe, legal, and doable for you to try. Painting takes time but is gratifying, gardening […]

The Power of Business Partnerships

We’ve always relied on strategic alliances to help us run and grow our business. Too many small-business owners and entrepreneurs fail to recognise the importance of forming alliances with other companies. They’re determined to go it on their own, and they’ve devised a strategy to generate business entirely on their own. It may or may […]

Our plan to make entrepreneurship education a requirement for high School Students

Students in high schools will be required to take courses on entrepreneurship as part of our new policy. In order to develop a great future for our country, EDC-CJI partners feel that we need to start teaching young people about entrepreneurship now. The “Learning Institutions and Community Entrepreneurship Club (LCEC) Program” developed by EDC-CJI aims […]

Lender serviceability has recently undergone significant modifications

There are fewer and fewer people who can achieve the “Australian Dream” of property ownership. Some people may find it more difficult to get a home loan because of recent changes in the way lenders are required to assess their ability to repay. House prices gained 1.49 per cent in September, down from a peak […]

Smart Travel Tips: The Royal Travel Club

Make Smart Travel Decisions. The Royal Travel Club recommends bringing Travel Guard on every trip.   More than just travel awaits you as a member of The Royale Travel Club! We wish to provide you with not only fantastic vacations but also financial savings and stress relief. Here are just a couple of the valuable […]

Team Management, Delegation, and Implementation Techniques that Work

  When running an organisation with a diverse workforce, it is imperative that you manage them well, delegate their responsibilities, and promptly put their ideas into action to achieve maximum results.   This episode will teach you how: Lance discusses the significance of making the mental shift from a team member to an entrepreneur. It’s […]

Invest in Apartments NOW Challenge

In just a few days away, Lance Edward will be joined by experts in real estate and many others as they each share POWERFUL STRATEGIES that you can implement right now to become a successful apartment investor. The show will air for about an hour every day at 5 p.m. Pacific/8 p.m. Eastern and cover […]

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