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I want to ensure you know that you can join the community for free! When you do, you’ll be alerted whenever a fresh article summary is uploaded and can interact with others who value personal and professional development in the same way you do. Here is a comment made recently by one of our members: […]

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Unlimited Reseller Hosting ResellersPanel, the unique, ground-breaking reseller programme that has become a household brand in the modern web hosting market and is renowned for its quick and dependable customer support staff and first-rate technical setup, is without a doubt LiquidNet Ltd.’s greatest accomplishment to date. The Resellers Panel Free Reseller Program is the only […]

My first audio book recording to inspire you

This is what people are commenting on this audio recording: Beautiful, humble beginning This far has the Lord led you, we give him the Glory🙌🏾🙌🏾Thank you for sharing, Mr Kaluwasha 👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾 Beautiful Mr CVK, waiting for part 2. Inspiring beginnings of good things!🙏🙏 Oh! what a humble journey to where you are right inspirational  […]

How is your search for people to join your business?

Hi fellow entrepreneur; I hope all is well with your search for a sound quality premium leads system. Generating leads is one of the most critical steps for any business to succeed. But it can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why a new lead system can help you build your business faster. With a lead […]

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the difference between successful people and everyone else really boils down to just four words.

It’s common knowledge that New Year’s resolutions are impossible to keep. Studies and polls reveal that many struggles to keep their resolutions, abandoning them after the first month. However, the steps you take to get there matter more than just deciding to make a change. Advice that seems to go against what is generally believed […]

Sales and Marketing Model

This course is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals who are already working in a company but want to start their venture. The course will teach the learnings of entrepreneurial and marketing techniques that can be applied to any business situation. This course covers the following topics: how to establish your own business from scratch, […]

Chili and Mushroom Growing Project

Chilli and Mushroom growing is part of EDC/CJInvestiment entrepreneurship training program. EDC/CJI is a start-up that decided to enter the agricultural sector by working on new types of crops. We found an angel investor on social media and partnered with them to test the potential of chilli growing in their home country. You’re a small […]

The 5 Biggest Business Trends Everyone Needs To Prepare For By 2023

Over the past few years, businesses have encountered enormous difficulties and endured tremendous change; this trend won’t abate in 2023. The trends that Forbes Contributor Bernard Marrin expresses, in his opinion, will have the most daily effects on how we work and do business in 2023.   More rapid digital transformation There is currently very […]

Attitude and personal growth

I won’t discuss how to improve your online reputation today. I want to discuss attitude and personal growth. By now, you’ve undoubtedly seen me on LinkedIn or Facebook and have an idea of how I speak, what I believe in, and what I know. My greatest successes have come from having BIG dreams and pursuing […]

11 Tested Techniques for Increasing Traffic and Organic Lead Generation


Do you wish to increase traffic and sales without investing any money? You must employ organic lead generation techniques! Your website’s traffic and revenue can increase organically and won’t cost you anything. We’ll discuss some tried-and-true methods for generating organic leads in this article, which you can use immediately. Organic Lead Generation: What Is It? […]

Will real estate recover in 2023?

The property market in AUSTRALIA got off to a fantastic start in 2022, with record home values following a very strong run of price increases. But the tide changed after April of this year. It was obvious that the boom was finished, and a correction began. However, there hasn’t only been negative news; the outlook […]

Everybody has a story to tell

Everybody has a story to tell. But just as important as the story itself is how you tell it. Do You Not Agree? When it comes down to it, tales are the fundamental way that we learn in life. Consider that for a second. Stories are told to us when we are young to teach […]

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