Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

To make his dream to study abroad a reality, while providing income for his family to survive, Mr Kaluwasha found 3 solutions: open a drug store in his town in Zambia, buy a small farm to grow vegetables that would be sold at the local market, and keep chickens to sell. After being able to move to New Zealand, he worked hard as a student, then as a full-time nurse while taking courses to get additional degrees, climbed the ladder and sent money to his family who stayed in Zambia. His dream to reunite the family eventually came true. From there on, he kept being open to new ideas that moved him all the way up to Australia and multifamily investing. His strong mindset, determination, hard work, willingness to gain more knowledge, and association with positive and successful people made this possible. Charles Vincent Kaluwasha is an example to so many people in your community… and for showing them that whatever their conditions, they can make their dreams a reality if they adopt the right mindset and take the right actions. More info: (p. 244) "If you really want something valuable, never give up, Focus on your Mission, and be open to see new Opportunities" Charles V Kaluwasha

8 Key Factors in Real Estate Investment

Introduction Real estate investment is a great way to make money. But it’s not as simple as just buying a property and selling it later on. You’ll want to consider many factors before deciding whether or not real estate investment is right for you. Location The first factor that you should consider is location. This […]

The Manifesto of the Money Movement

The Manifesto of the Money Movement Every single day of our children’s lives, they will be put through their paces in terms of money management. However, because we were never taught these skills in school, the majority of us had to learn them the hard way. We need to do more to make a difference. […]

The Financial Wellness Program at C J Investiments

  Putting your financial situation in order It is tedious and time-consuming to keep track of business spending and mileage. Stop putting data into spreadsheets for hours at a time. Put an end to those difficult software packages and let CJI handle the task instead. Education, methods, and systems of knowledge Execution: Take initiative and […]

We are developing entrepreneurial minds among the 19 Million+  Zambian people for job and wealth creation.

    CJInvstiments is implementing a Certified Entrepreneurship Development Programme to develop an entrepreneurial mind among all people for job and wealth creation. The programme is being implemented in partnership with EDC of Zambia with support from the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Small Scale Industries Association of Zambia. The programme is […]

How you can avoid the mortgage stress level today

Many Australians are looking for strategies to pay off their debt faster as interest rates rise. But where do you even begin?   It’s no secret that many people’s personal finances are a major source of worry. You may also wonder how to manage your debt before you end up paying a lot more in […]

New Book Launch Coming Soon

In the above modelling, I was creating the future in the present moment. After the photo shoot, Cranston took one for the road. In the photo ☝🏽: Cranston with a finger on Camera 📷, Ba Charles, Jacob & Walter (our photo shoot photographers) and myself. All Zambian-born production. Look out for photos: In Book 📖 […]

Selling is just selling

Today I’d like to share one of the most important insights I stole from my mentor and publisher, Kyle Wilson, who used it to amass an email list of one million subscribers before selling his businesses. But first, I’ll give you some background on him. Vernon, Texas, a small town of around 12,000 people, is […]

I am grateful

I am a New Apostolic Christian, and I am grateful to God for what I have achieved in life, I’m learning and growing every day by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am grateful to God for all that I have achieved in life. I thank my parents for always encouraging me to pursue […]

Small Apartments in the news

Lance Edwards and his Wealth Team, in just 90 days, went from being a minor drug haven to being recognised by the city and neighbours as having created safe workforce housing in an otherwise poorly managed multifamily community. As part of their Operation True Potential, they are doing this, which combine the profit motive with […]

How one referral can lead you to a top leader

 Ryan Gunness the founder of MLM Recruit On Demand shares how one referral can lead you to a top leader ( Get the MLM to recruit on-demand strategy free when you sign up  here You just have to use the formula we use to speak to network marketers who may be struggling to get […]

Build an online presence with a trusted software

According to the marketing automation industry, approximately 67 per cent of most marketing teams employ trusted marketing software, with another large percentage (almost 21 per cent) yet to begin using the programme.   Trusted marketing software is a type of modern technology that automates all marketing efforts via sophisticated machinery and technology (marketing automation). Everything […]

Daily, do you feel sluggish and clumsy?

Do you often feel drained after a cup of coffee in the morning? Is it challenging to stay motivated, or do you feel like you’re doing things for the wrong reasons? Learning about your passions is the first step to living a vibrant, engaging, gratifying, purposeful, simple, and entertaining life. When you’re clear about what […]

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