Author: Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

Founder and CEO of C J Investiment. Charles Kaluwasha is a real estate entrepreneur and developer, specializing in building 2-5 unit properties in Melbourne City and Gold Coast. He currently owns 3 investment properties. He has rehabbed, Flipped and/or lease-optioned over 3 single-family residences using funds from private investors. He has secured 2 investment apartments in Melbourne and Gold Coast to be completed early 2020. A developer of C J Academy/mentorship program helping investors and homeowners with basic and advanced financial education and real estate investing strategies to create passive wealth.

Tax Strategy: To Reduce Tax and create massive tax savings and Wealth

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If you want to increase your cash flow in your business, you must have a tax strategy in place. Do not rely on your accountant. This is your business!

Where do you start?

Let’s break this term down and start with strategy. 

A strategy is a systematic plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal or purpose. What is typically missing in small business owners is the strategy piece.

 And it’s the strategy piece that produces the maximum results.

The strategy piece helps focus our actions and thoughts every single day on permanently reducing taxes. It doesn’t have to take hours every day to get maximum results from your tax strategy. Instead, your strategy becomes a part of your daily routine.

Your Tax Strategy and Your Wealth Strategy

Increased cash flow can be used to create wealth. Your taxes are a powerful way to feed your wealth strategy!.

Therefore, implement a tax strategy for your business today

3 Proven Strategies to Speed Up Your Wealth Building

Do you feel anxious to speed up the process of building your wealth?

It took me 10 years to come to term with the three proven strategies to start speeding up my wealth building. I was treating it like a hobby, with no vision, looking for shiny objects.

Until I found a mentor who guided me and helped to get rid off most of the junk I was holding in my back of my mind.

Here are 3 ways to help you do just that.

1: Treat your investing like a business

Successful investing is not a casual activity or hobby. When investing is treated like a real business, the level of success skyrockets.

What does a business have that your investing should have?

Here are a few items that I have learned from my mentors.

  • Leverage systems that provide specific guidance on how things are done
  • Build a team consisting of advisors, vendors, Solicitors, Brokers customers (tenants) and employees
  • Agreements with your team members
  • Reporting that allows you to make informed, proactive decisions
2: Focus
Today when my team and I talk with entrepreneurs about their wealth strategy, we usually find they are interested in many different types of investments. Some say they may want to start a business, invest in real estate and do some stock trading. As a team that has learnt from our past mistakes, Our role is to help them narrow their options so they can focus on a single type of investment. As usual, people become uncomfortable when I suggest focusing on a single type of investment. This may be because the only way they have been taught to reduce their risk is to have many types of investments.

The idea behind this approach is that risk is reduced because the investments will go up and down at different times so overall there is “balance.”While I’m all for reducing the downside, this approach also limits the upside.

I advise them that I would rather limit my downside through education – focusing on a single investment type – and not limit my upside.
But many of them have the old mindset of having many options in order to increase their success.
But focusing on a single investment type does not mean limiting the number of options because, within any type of investment, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of options.
By focusing, it becomes clearer which investments will work in a wealth strategy and that contributes to the success of the wealth strategy.

3: Leverage your tax savings
Tom Wheelwright, renown CPA advises us that tax savings can be worth more in a wealth strategy than just the actual amount of tax savings, for example, if someone reduces their taxes by $20,000, then that’s $20,000 more than is available to invest in their wealth strategy. That alone is good news, and it gets so much better!

That $20,000 can be leveraged with other people’s money to buy an asset worth more than $20,000.Take real estate as an example. A $20,000 investment could buy a $100,000 property by getting an $80,000 mortgage.Take it even one step further and invest in assets that generate even more tax savings and put those tax savings through the same system.
This was what we did with my team. We invested in two apartments using the same strategy above. Below are two investment properties we have in Melbourne, being managed by Motion Property:
2705 :  https://youtu.be/16I7w0ELfSg
3310:  https://youtu.be/k5YH0r_-ajA

October 2020

Engagement & Brand Loyalty

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Work with Charles

Never Regret, We will Get There…

Help is available

Have you ever made a decision may it be a family, financial or spiritual decision and along the way you do not get the good outcome and regretted?

This was what happened to me some time back. I entered into a contract with an IT company last year to upgrade my e-Learning platform. It took them 3 months before they came back to me that there were unable to implement what I wanted. I then requested a refund, unfortunately, up to now, they have not refunded the money, sighting the effect of COVID-19.

I told one of my freinds stating that I regrete hiring that company.

My friend replied, “Never regret, we will get there Charles. I understand it is a hard time at the moment, but it is hard for everyone around the world at the moment, we just need to keep fighting and get through it”

This comment put a smile on my face…

I remembered an article written by Shaun Buck that talks about putting a smile on someone who is passing through stress or struggle and would like to share it with you below…

So if you relate to this article, reach out to someone, who can give you encouragement, a voice of hope to continue fighting until you achieve your go. We are here together, just trust in your guts everything will be alright. We have a support group, LINKS FREEDOM that is helping thousands of people struggling to in life, I invite you to join us anytime.

“I was in a dental office waiting room, more than 20 years ago, when I picked up a National Geographic magazine out of sheer boredom and read an article about a city that celebrates a national day of laughter. As I recall, the article mentioned that the city would shut down and hire comedians, clowns, etc so their citizens could just laugh for 2 straight hours. And they had some of the healthiest people living there when compared to other countries.

I have been combing the internet for this specific article and have not been able to find it or any other mention of this laughing city. But I remember being in that waiting room and thinking really hard about it. The initial feeling was one of—for lack of a better word—delight. How fun does it sound to live in a place where everyone gathers to just laugh together? I mean, a lot of us could use a little bit of that right now.

Over the years, that article has continued to come into my mind. We’ve all heard the old adage “laughter is contagious”, and in recent years, science has proven that that’s actually completely true. When someone laughs, our brains start lighting up in preparation to join in.

You’ve also heard the adage that “laughter is the best medicine.” In fact, it has been linked to significant health benefits like better-functioning organs and muscles, stress relief, a boosted immune system, and even pain management. So as you’re laughing, you’re causing others to laugh, and the whole room is getting a health boost!

Why am I telling you this? A couple of reasons.

First, I noticed this old article seems to come to mind most in times of great stress or pain. When I remind myself that laughter provides essential benefits for getting through a rough time, I don’t feel as guilty for taking the time to open up and make sure I have opportunities to feel joy and humour. It’s okay to be happy, even when things are hard. One does not negate the other, but certainly, the laughter can help us get through it.

Secondly, the article is an affirmation that the content we work to put out can have lasting effects on those who read it. I bet that whoever put that article together 20 years ago thought that it was going to be a nice reading break from the more “serious” content in that issue, and never imagined it would make such a large impact on me or change my opinion of laughter in general. I don’t even remember what the rest of the issue was about.

My takeaway being

we don’t need our content to be 100% serious for it to be taken 100% seriously. There is benefit in writing about the things that inspire, amuse, bring joy to, and even exasperate us. So let’s all take a deep breath. Feel the sunshine, warm on our faces. Laugh out loud. Hold in this moment. Keep pushing, and keep communicating. We’re almost there, folks. We’ve almost made it through. Just a little further to the goal!”

Again, if you relate to this article, reach out to someone, who can give you encouragement, a voice of hope to continue fighting until you achieve your go. We are here together, just trust in your guts everything will be alright. We have a support group, LINKS FREEDOM that is helping thousands of people struggling to in life, I invite you to join us anytime.

Have a wonderful week!

How To Love Monday Mornings-Kris Cage

Many people including myself hate Mondays for many reasons. But the author loves Monday mornings. He has reasons to love Monday mornings opposite what the majority of scholars, corporate workers and the rest.

Whether you prefer Mondays or Fridays, I think you’ll enjoy the video!

My least favourite day is Sunday evening. Many people dislike Sunday evening as well, but mostly because they dislike Monday bleeds into and ruins it. I guess that’s more or less why I didn’t like it either — in high school, Sunday night meant staring down the mountain of homework I still hadn’t done. Sunday night also meant to do it to the background noise of football — and my mother cheering and screaming at the game.

But while Sunday is stagnant, Monday means movement. If anything, perhaps I like Monday because it’s a fresh-start “escape” into school or work. But I’ll take that kind of escapism, especially since I can still enjoy my weekends, over the dread of Monday morning and living for the weekend.

Grant Spanier tweeted,

“If ‘Monday’ means work and you absolutely dread it, maybe you should reconsider what you’re doing. Or reconsider how you approach things you don’t want to do.”

And then he pointed out that we should be living for Monday.

“Living for Monday means caring about what you do. It means living intentionally. It means living with purpose. It doesn’t mean your “job” is everything, it doesn’t mean you are defined by your occupation. But it means you approach life as an art form.”

You’ll love Monday once you take accountability for your life

Once you adopt this mindset, you’ll know, because it will feel like a switch is flipped.

Hating Mondays will suddenly feel as gross and unacceptable as a hangover or unhealthy eating habits if we’re trying to lose weight or bad relationships when we’ve decided we’re worth more.

And in the sense, the solution isn’t simply to “find more meaning” — it’s to build our self esteem. And take responsibility.

Grant Spanier wrote,

“It’s easy to complain and blame other people. Once you start owning your career you become responsible for it. It’s no longer the boss’ fault. It’s not the corporation’s fault you aren’t happy. Start Living and that means you need to put a stake in the ground — you have to take a hard look in the mirror and accept control of your life. This isn’t about taking control. We don’t need to take anything. We simply have to come to terms with our ability to control our lives.”

Once we do those two things — taking ownership and picking something we’re dog-ass excited about building — Monday mornings can’t feel great. Every morning feels great. Maybe not literally every day, but overall, living will feel great.

Communication – The Cornerstone of Business Leadership

One of the best ways we see leadership at work in your business is by the
very way you communicate with your visitors, lists, and followers. This is
the front lines of our effort to get more traffic and sales.

Unfortunately, too many people treat this as an undesired but required task
they have to perform, and as such it is dealt with very little enthusiasm
or thought, and as a result of this, no excitement or interactive
communication takes place. That won’t serve your best interests!

You need to take the lead when it comes to being a thought leader, at least
on your own blog and other online properties. Who is your audience going to listen to if not you? Quite possibly….your competitors!

Sure, sometimes communicating with your visitors and subscribers will mean directing them elsewhere for answers, but the willingness to share other valuable resources that don’t make you any money often builds more trust with people who are looking to you for answers.

One of the best ways you can talk to your visitors and subscribers, whether
they be on your site, email list or on a social media platform, is to
engage in polls, asking provocative questions, or merely asking for
opinions on one thing or another. This demonstrates that you truly value
their opinion, which you should because understanding your potential
customers gives you the best opportunities to serve them!

This tool can help you communicate faster and automate blogging to your clients for you

Charles Kaluwasha

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Reseller Panel Turns 17 Years This Month

Birthday Sale across the Free and cPanel reseller programs

Kaluwasha Hosting in association with ResellersPanel turned 17 years old this month!

ResellersPanel was born on a sunny, spring-kissed April day, 17 years ago. It looked like the perfect time for a brave idea to come to life and grow, nourished by the limitless enthusiasm and creative powers of two brothers.
Back in the day server costs were still very high and the industry was dominated by a few big players.

In this landscape – a small, free reseller hosting startup made its first steps towards contributing to a more diverse, open and affordable web hosting market.

Today, 17 years later, ResellersPanel, are happy to maintain a community of over 220 000 active partners all around the world.

All of whom spread the word about web hosting in their unique brand voice, to their own audience!
“We’d like to thank and reward you, our valuable partners, with a host of service discounts across our reseller hosting platform.

To aid your marketing campaigns in these challenging times, we’ve enabled these discounts in the form of various promo campaigns for your stores.

You and your customers can benefit from all of these savings until May 24th, 2020.

Learn more about the different promo campaigns and how you can take advantage of them.

50% OFF on all OpenVZ VPS plans for the first month

The entire line of OpenVZ VPS available for purchase and/or reselling via our Free Reseller Program is now available at half price for the first month of signup.

We feel privileged to have been in the hosting industry for that long and we owe it all to you – our amazing partners from around the world.
We’d like to thank you for being so active and supportive over the years and would like to reward you with a host of Birthday Sale discounts across both the Free and cPanel reseller programs.
50% OFF on all OpenVZ VPS plans for the 1st month
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50% OFF on all KVM VPS plans for the 1st month
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The new Birthday Sale promo also applies to one of the most cost-effective setups in our dedicated server portfolio – Intel Xeon 1.8.


17% OFF on all Unlimited cPanel plans for a 6-month period
For our 17th birthday, we’re also launching a special 17% OFF sale across our entire line of unlimited cPanel plans for all potential partners who are looking for a great cPanel Reseller bargain.
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Join the celebration and take advantage of these great offers, valid until May 24th.
Keep following us over the next year, as we continue to better our services and add more, new features and selling points to your portfolio.

A Surprise Gift

A surprise gift from Eren and Chaira thanking me for taking such great care of the community and sent me a “feel Better Box” reminding me to take care of myself during this unprecedented time as a health professional and real estate investor. Health professionals and essential workers have been busy sacrificing their time and lives to help the community in these stressful times. Our work has been seen by many and great to see people like Eren and Chaira recognise our “world” is amazing.

Better writers get better jobs

When I am at home, I do write articles and teaching material to educate investors and homeowners on how to invest even in critical times like these so that they can have informed decision when and how to invest in real estate, where and who can help to put strategies in place for a smooth experience when it comes to financing their investment properties. My eLearning course provides content on real estate investing and related subjects.

Rest, relax and nourish your soul was the message inside this Feel Better Box

Thanks to Movovi company for the screenshot software https://www.movavi.com/screen-capture…


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5 tips to help preserve your retirement savings during COVID-19

After the Federal Government announced that it will allow eligible Australians early access to up to $20,000 of their super, many Australians are not sure how to go about this package especially if they are approaching retirement. I am equally confused about what to do.

Fortunately, AMP has covered this topic extensively as one of the tips to help preserve your retirement savings during COVID-19.

Investment markets globally are experiencing significant volatility as economies around the world try to navigate the unchartered waters of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

If you’re approaching retirement this volatility can be a source of anxiety, and it can be difficult to understand what a person can do to protect their nest egg.

One of the directors spoke to John Dani, private client adviser at AMP Advice, who offered five tips for pre-retirees to consider that may help preserve retirement savings during COVID-19.

  1. Resist the urge to switch your super to cash

If you’re looking at your super balance and seeing it fall in value, it’s human nature to want to protect what you have. But Mr Dani says it’s important consider riding out the storm, to allow for the opportunity to give your super a chance to rebound.

He says by switching to cash, you may be selling assets for less than they bought them, which may lock in your losses and compromise the ability of your super to recover when the market improves.

“From Black Monday in 1987 and the Recession in 1990, to the Global Financial Crisis in 2007, what history shows us is that investment markets do recover,” he adds.

“ While it is a very, very difficult time and people are naturally fearful, they need to find some courage and keep calm when it comes to their super.”

  1. Think carefully before accessing your super early.

As part of its economic response to COVID-19, the Federal Government is allowing eligible Australians early access to up to $20,000 of their super. But Mr Dani says that pre-retirees should think very carefully before taking up this offer.

“ Not only would you be giving up the gains from a future market recovery, but you may be also giving up the compounding return on the withdrawal between now and when you eventually retire ”.

“For some people, though, the early access may be an important option; if they’ve lost their job or their business has suffered, they need to keep a roof over their heads and pay for other necessities.”

  1. Take advantage of other government assistance & other relief

In the event that you’ve lost your job, had your hours cut, or your business is suffering, Mr Dani says you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of the regular JobKeeper or JobSeeker payments the government has made available.

“Many people in this age group may have never accessed government benefits, but you need to put aside your pride. You don’t need to queue up at the ‘dole’ office, it’s all done online and taking advantage of the government’s measures will help in these extraordinary times we are faced with.”
People should also consider what other measures are available to help supplement and ease any financial hardship or strain they may be experiencing. As mentioned above, the government has introduced some thoughtful options for people who have lost their jobs; many banks are providing hardship measures for those who have mortgages; and the residential and commercial tenants may also have some measures introduced.

These are all options people should be exploring and considering as well to help ease any hardship they may be experiencing.

  1. Consider your situation before helping others financially

Some pre-retirees may be faced with pressure to help out grown-up children – or other family members – financially if they’re struggling due to the economic impacts of COVID-19, but Mr Dani says any requests for help should be carefully considered.

“ We all love our kids and we all want to help them and ensure they aren’t going to be impacted by financial stress, but remember that they are also probably able to access government assistance during this time.”

Mr Dani says that if you do decide to help your family financially, you need to be really clear whether the money is a gift or a loan, and if it’s a loan it’s a good idea to put this, and any terms attached, in writing to avoid any miscommunication or conflict and ensure all expectations and boundaries have been established up front.

  1. Use caution if you decide to invest when the market is down

“If you have the courage and the risk appetite, and are in a financial position to do so, the market downturn may represent an opportunity to contribute some money into your super so you could benefit more when the markets recover,” Mr Dani says.

However, he urges anyone considering investing at this time, either in their super or in other financial products such as shares, to do so cautiously, invest within their means and not to borrow to invest.

“The big hint here for anyone wanting to invest is to do so gradually. Don’t try to pick the bottom of the market but adopt a strategy such as investing a set amount each week or fortnight to spread the risk of your entry into the market,” he says.

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to speak to a professional who can guide you based on your circumstances.

We have a professional service at your disposal here