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Know about a new concept of financial investment: Infinite Banking

A short synopsis from the 40 stories written in the bestseller “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a legacy” LESSON 35 My biggest takeaways from Eberhard Samlowski’s story: Everything that we purchase in life involves finance. Eberhard has always been very much aware of this, and he is committed to living by the words of […]

Discover how to invest in real estate with tax-efficient and positive cash flow streams

A short synopsis from the 40 stories written in the bestseller “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a legacy” LESSON 25 Get a Video Converter My biggest takeaways from Pancham Gupta and Rajan Gupta’s story: Once you realize how hard you work for a certain salary and how much you pay in taxes (income tax, […]

RBA Cash Rate On Hold, As Lenders are in a Hurry to Hike Fixed Rates

The Australian Reserve Bank (RBA) decided at its meeting today to keep the official cash rate unchanged at 0,10%. Please visit the Reserve Bank website to view the official RBA statement. The RBA confirmed at its previous session that it was 30 June 2021 for the final date of the Term Funding Facility drawings. “The […]

Australia’s housing boom continues to increase domestic value by another 2.2 per cent in May

Australia’s housing boom continues to increase domestic value by another 2.2 percent in May In May Australia’s housing markets continued to increase with the National Home Value Index of CoreLogic rising by 2.2% during the month. In May, the increase was stronger than in April (1,8%), but weaker than that of the March 32-year high, […]

Rental Demand Increased in Australia.

. Perth has been the fastest-growing rent market by 2020 when looking at medium weekly rentals in CoreLogic’s quarterly rental review (December 2020 quarter). This has created a difficult market for real estate agents and rents, combined with a lack of rented properties. A thriving market storm and a shortage of properties predict an eventual […]

The Concepts of Investing Passively vs. Actively

Managing Finances is an important aspect of every person who aspires to invest, but it’s necessary to understand vital categories of investing such as Passive or Active investment. Discussing it can pursue a tough debate between the investors or fund managers who have a plan for passive or active investing as both have pros and […]

How to Be Thankful in 2021 Despite Adversity

“Business and investing are collaborative endeavours.” On Christmas, many people express gratitude for their family. And Garrett considers our C J Investing Club to be family… Not only does he get to know many of the members on a personal, one-on-one level, but also because of the incredible amount of gratitude shared… Telling us how a […]

Getting ahead of the game with Investing In Australia

Investing in Australia Pre-Presentation content on Available opportunities Availability of funds- low interest rates JV Partnership- utilizing SMSF/superannuation required •  Challenges and wins Specific qualities Due diligence before you start Be innovative Develop leadership skills Ability to source funds for the project Building a brand that establish credibility Our Goal is  to have financial freedom […]

Calling All Entrepreneurs – Book Release This Morning Plus Special Gifts

It’s official, the book I’m co-authoring is being released today! And I’m asking for a huge favour and your support to help us hit #1 Bestseller status on Amazon! As part of the release, we put together a special offer plus over $500 in bonuses. Plus for the first week of the launch, 100% of […]

Cedar Tree Learning System

OUR BRAND-NEW REAL ESTATE INVESTING COURSE Posted by: Charles Vincent Kaluwasha | November 10, 2019   Work with Charles Introduction! The Cedar Tree Learning System: A Business Model That Will Stand The Test Of Time! Powered by Blog This WOW   In Psalms 92:12 “It reads, ‘The Righteous “shall grow like a cedar tree in Lebanon” I relate this […]

3 reasons why estate planning is important to everyone – regardless of their income, wealth, or age.

Proper estate planning addresses not only what happens with your wealth after your death, but also how your wealth is managed during any period of incapacitation. Planning for this in advance as part of your basic estate plan is a wonderful way to take care of your family. It’s also an effective way to protect […]

The Real Estate Investing: Our Anchor

When my wife and I started our company C J Investiment 6 years ago, our goal was to make it easier for people to identify, develop and purchase a diverse portfolio of real estate assets effectively. That vision still drives us today. We may have started out as a one of property investment that inspired […]