Free Membership Training Course

Free Membership Training Course

Are you ready to take your Investing Career to the next level? Enrol into our Free Membership course to start your own business today and never worry about your future again…

Best Mentorship Program To Impact Your Future!

Supercharging the Careers of Investors, Real Estate Entrepreneurs, retirees and Home Owners.

I am very excited to announce that my premium membership training course, The R EI playbook is now open for enrolment. You can learn more about the program signing up as a free member for 30 days. Most other R E I courses contain piles of slides with generic advice and “write quality content”.Nothing actionable, just a lot of fluff.

 This training is different. Instead of listening to someone tell you what to do, I will show you how to actively do it step-by-step. You will get to follow along and implement the training in your business, as I do in the videos and instruction. It is about ACTION!
 How effective is the training? 
1. Manfred bought his first Home a year after starting his first job in New Zealand.      
2. My coaching program used the process to take a client from nothing to becoming an entrepreneur earning 6 figures per month. Check on our testimonial page for social proof!
3. My daughter and her partner bought land worth $360.00 in Melbourne last year after starting a new job. 

4. You will emerge from this training with advanced skills and processes you can use to level-up your investing performance, train team members and or sell as a service immediately.
Sign up today and you will get instant access to More than 10 over the shoulder video lectures. Your private information is kept secure such as your account password and payment information. We have installed an SSL certificate to protect you.

5. You will get watch over my shoulder as I implement the training on real business from start to finish. In fact, Manfred and Kendy (above) were the working examples in the content audit playbook. 

Library of pre-Built Templates: You will get dozens of plug-and-play templates that make it easy to implement the material, train your team and get results.

20 + step-by-step Process Docs: You will access downloadable process documents that break down the video content into easy-to-follow step-by-step systems. These are great for people who prefer to follow a checklist and can be used to train team members. All process documents are organised in central project planners.

 Private Slack Mastermind: Get direct access to me and over the 20 plus other real estate entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and get your questions answered by some of the best minds in the industry. 

Lifetime access to all training and new content: Get time access to all current and future playbooks when you upgrade your membership to Premium level. This includes videos, templates, JV partnership, traffic sources and process documents. 

And there is a whole lot more…Enrolment for the R E I course is open BUT it will close after the first 100 people enrol. If you are on the fence, remember that you can access the entire course with a 3-day money-back guarantee for the advanced levels as per our refund policy which begins on the date of your one-time or recurring purchase.  If you don’t find it valuable, just email me and  I will give you a full refund, No questions asked. 

Enrol in the  R E I course PlaybookSee you inside the course.
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