Make The Most Of Your Money – Invest In Real Estate than in Forex and Crypto Trading Markets

Make The Most Of Your Money – Invest In Real Estate than in Forex and Crypto Trading Markets

Most people don’t realize just how great of a return you can get when it comes to real estate investments. There is a lot of money to be made within the shortest time period with this method than trading in crypto and forex markets. 

Gain More Leverage

Mark J. Kohler said it best on, ” Real estate is one of the few investment vehicles where using the bank’s money or other peoples’money couldn’t be easier. The ability to make a down payment, leverage your capital, and thus increase your overall return on investment is incredible”

Getting a loan on a stock investment isn’t so easy because it is simply a guess on whether you will get a return or not. The value isn’t going to drastically drop and it is likely to even increase.

I lost my investment to the amount of US$18,000 within 3 weeks in Forex/Crypto trading in 2018. The broker reassured me he was to trade on my behalf using some of these Ponzi platforms I was not aware of.

When the trades account was in the negative, I could not hear from him anymore. I tried to claim back my money, the company defended their system that they tried their best but they did not have control over the market.

While you could still get a loan for about 50 percent of the stock if it is low risk and you find the right investor it just isn’t as simple. With a property, you are looking at only 10-20% down depending on the country you are in. There is a drastic difference in the return amount and the investment amount you had invested.

Less Volatile

Renting out property is also a favorite way to invest your hard-earned cash because houses and real estate are easy to understand. 

If fact, if you know what to avoid, it can be one of the simplest methods out there. That is why we have developed a step by step training and mentoring platform to help you become aware of the strategies that are working as at now.

 Stable Investment

Real estate investing is a stable investment that can bring you a great deal of money than the stock or Crypto/forex investing in the shortest period of time. While using your own cash is acceptable here, it is also smart to take out a loan from banks and private money lenders and use your money as the down payment.

This will allow you to buy even more properties and see and even greater return on the money you are using. You know that real estate investment has a lot to offer you but you have to know where to begin. These steps are outlined in our course. It includes marketing research methodologies using our strategy, “Cedar Tree Marketing Strategy”

 This helps you to reach as many people as possible, and just like with everything else, this is a numbers game. Keep this in mind as you decide on real estate investing and how to smartly invest in apartment buildings.


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