Getting ahead of the game with Investing In Australia

Getting ahead of the game with Investing In Australia

Investing in Australia

Pre-Presentation content on

  • Available opportunities
  • Availability of funds- low-interest rates
  • JV Partnership- utilizing SMSF/superannuation required •  Challenges and wins

Specific qualities

  • Due diligence before you start
  • Be innovative
  • Develop leadership skills

Ability to source funds for the project

  • Building a brand that establishes credibility

Our goal is  to have financial freedom and live an abundant life

Skills needed to master in order to succeed as an investor.

Creating a Perfect Investment strategy

  • Leveraging partnerships through JV
  • Systems to help you’re follow up

Communicating to attract investor copywriting

  • Networking
  • Identify urgent pain/desire
  • Offer unique solution

You need to genuinely increase your sense of self-worth by learning new


Investor Mindset

  • Money- Investors view money as a living, breathing organism that should be invested to foster growth
  • Struggle-Investors know that struggle only makes them stronger..
  • Problems-Investors view problems as opportunities.
  • Dreams-Investors believe that achieving their dreams is an innate right.

Time-Investors view time as an investment that helps make their dreams a reality. They don’t wait for tomorrow; they plan well in advance.

  • Self-DevelopmentEntrepreneurs commit to becoming lifelong learners because they’re never satisfied enough to claim that they’ve “made it”.

Successful Entrepreneurs tend to leverage the 5 Core Beliefs.

“Celebrate your success, find humour in your future and remember that

high expectations are the key to everything”

Business Turn Around programs

Affiliate Marketing

Real estate investing- multifamily building

Content writing

Other business models

Research tells us that REI is the best model-less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500

Enjoy your journey & celebrate your wins

Participate & Contribute to the community

Expand &Diversify your portfolio


Lack of funds

Finding clients

Credibility and relationship building

Investing Opportunities available in Australia

  • What it takes to be an investor: mindset shift, marketing skills
  • Financial education
  • Sourcing for funds
  • Branding your business

Celebrate your wins

•      Embrace challenges

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Charles Kaluwasha

The Power of Thought:

Eating the Elephant Slowly

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