Getting ahead of the game with Investing In Australia

Getting ahead of the game with Investing In Australia

Investing in Australia

Pre-Presentation content on

  • Available opportunities
  • Availability of funds- low interest rates
  • JV Partnership- utilizing SMSF/superannuation required •  Challenges and wins

Specific qualities

  • Due diligence before you start
  • Be innovative
  • Develop leadership skills

Ability to source funds for the project

  • Building a brand that establish credibility

Our Goal is  to have financial freedom and live an abundant life

Skills needed to master in order to succeed as an investor.

Creating Perfect Investment strategy

  • Leveraging partnerships through JV
  • Systems to help your follow up

Communicating to attract investorscopywriting

  • Networking
  • Identify urgent pain/desire
  • Offer unique solution

You need to genuinely increase your sense of self-worth by learning new


Investor Mindset

  • Money- Investors view money as a living, breathing organism that should be invested to foster growth
  • Struggle-Investors know that struggle only makes them stronger..
  • Problems-Investors view problems as opportunities.
  • Dreams-Investors believe that achieving their dreams is an innate right.

Time-Investors view time as an investment that help make their dreams a reality. They don’t wait for tomorrow; they plan well  in advance.

  • Self-DevelopmentEntrepreneurs commit to becoming lifelong learners because they’re never satisfied enough to claim that they’ve “made it”.

Successful Entrepreneurs tend to leverage the 5 Core Beliefs.

“Celebrate your success, find humor in your future and remember that

high expectations are the key to everything”

Business Turn Around programs

Affiliate Marketing

Real estate investing- multifamily building

Content writing

Other business models

Research tells us that REI is best model-less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500

Enjoy your journey & celebrate your wins

Participate & Contribute to community

Expand &Diversify your portfolio


Lack of funds

Finding clients

Credibility and relationship building

Investing Opportunities available in Australia

  • What it takes to be an investor: mindset shift, marketing skills
  • Financial education
  • Sourcing for funds
  • Branding your business

Celebrate your wins

•      Embrace challenges

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Charles Kaluwasha

The Power of Thought:

Eating the Elephant Slowly

Case Presentation: C J Investiment

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