How You Can Land Your First 6-Figure Luxury Vacation Rental With LuxHomePro

How You Can Land Your First 6-Figure Luxury Vacation Rental With LuxHomePro

Luxury rental business
Are you looking to cash in on the hottest trend in Real Estate Investing? If you answered yes, you need to join LuxHomePro – December 9th – 12th at The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch.

The Right Time
What if I told you that right now is the perfect time to create residual income from Luxury Vacation Rentals? The market is ripe, demand for luxury vacation rentals has never been higher.
All the big money players are jumping on this opportunity. You have probably seen the new Airbnb Luxe marketplace where average nightly rental are between $1,500 and $2,000 per night. The profit margins in the luxury vacation rental business are so high that many properties will generate over $100,000 in profit every year. This is the hottest opportunity in Real Estate.

Learning Opportunity
You have the opportunity to learn how to cash in on this exploding business, without owning the property! LuxHomePro has developed a 4 part education where you will learn to Locate the best properties, Negotiate a win/win with the homeowners, Setup the property to create an unforgettable experience, and Market your listing for maximum traffic.
Partner with the experts
LuxHomePro is looking for partners to operate our homes!!! Their system has been so effective that they are now acquiring luxury properties at a record pace. They are looking to partner with the right people like you who want to dive right in and take over one of their properties. They have never offered anything like this before!!! LuxHomePro has already put in the time and effort to locate and negotiate a house with exceptional profit potential. They are going to be right there with you as you operate the property giving you invaluable first hand experience as you learn the ropes of this amazing business. This is an extremely limited opportunity.

Register for the event
Only a select few attendees will qualify as a partner. For those that do not qualify as a partner they will show you exactly how to mirror their business to create success for yourself. You will learn all of their advanced strategies that give you an unfair advantage over the competition.
Register Now at
P.S Here is a summary of what is included.
1)You’ll get immediate access to their JUMP START PROFIT FORMULA DIGITAL COURSE:
2)4+ Hours of Foundational 4-Pillar Training with Dave Bynum: Locate, Negotiate, Set Up & Market taken from a live event.
3)4 – One hour live Group Coaching calls with Dave Bynum.
4)Sample Documents: Lease, Scripts, Referral letters, Landlord letter, Property Checklists and more.
5)Profit Formula/ MBA 2 Videos: Top 28 questions answered to Increase Your Profits & Make Life Easy with Short Term Rentals.
6)Profit Formula Course / MBA: 23 Step By Step Training on 4 Pillars with Workbook and Testing.
7)2 Complimentary Tickets to the LuxBnB Bootcamp.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will learn at the Live Bootcamp: 1)Learn to pinpoint Luxury properties you can buy, rent, lease or manage to make huge profits within weeks.
2)Find the perfect pricing for your Luxury vacation rental to maximize your monthly income.
3)How to build a Luxury listing that sings your property’s praises and compels customers to click the Instant Book Option.
4)How to design a Luxury vacation rental website that showcases your authority as a rental expert (and boosts what you can charge).
5)How to provide your guests with a unique experience they’ll remember for years to come – and will rave about it in their reviews.
6)How to find the right local team to look after your guests so you don’t have to spend a single hour worrying about it yourself.
7)How to track and use data to help you easily identify a “loser listing” and turn it into a winner that pulls bookings in no time.
8)The quick, “no-fuss” method to connect with your guests so they know everything for a first-class stay before they even get to your property.
9)How to get your visitors and renters, to gladly leave you 5 STAR Reviews – it’s more than just the experience! Best of all – you’ll learn how to put the entire process on AUTOPILOT so you can scale quickly until you’re earning the income you’ve always dreamed of!
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