Driving innovation through AI TECHNOLOGY

  ONPASSIVE AI Software product development firm gives a competitive edge, creativity, and fresh insights into business and technological difficulties. We accelerate innovation and change businesses from strategy through designing, execution, and management. I am excited to be one of the first Founders who saw the vision of the initiator, Mr Mufarah, four years ago. […]

Is it time to re-finance?

Mortgage payments for millions of Australians are expected to rise as a result of recent increases in the cash rate, prompting the nation’s residents to wonder whether or not they can afford to keep their homes. Is it wise to remortgage at this time? Although much hinges on your unique circumstances and objectives, there is […]

Increases in interest rates in Australia can be met in five different ways.

You probably know that interest rates are increasing. The cash rate has been raised twice by the Reserve Bank, and further hikes are expected. Mortgage interest rates will therefore increase. So, how should you react? What follows are five recommendations from my partner EK Capital Director Eren, a specialist Mortgage Broker in Australia  First, try […]

A new approach to teaching and Learning

According to the latest research by IT NEWS AFRICA.COM, learning and teaching will not be the same as before the pandemic in physical schools. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many schools and universities adopted online teaching and students were advised to learn at home through virtual classrooms. This trend is growing worldwide. Thanks to […]

Just launched, let others build you a massive email list

    Did you know that every individual on your email list is worth approximately $1.00 per month in residual revenue to you?   Imagine having 4000 people on your email list? That would come out to $4000.00 per month in income just by promoting affiliate offers to your list.   If you want to […]

How to Make an Effective LinkedIn Profile

You’ve certainly heard that having a strong LinkedIn profile can help you progress your career by allowing you to extend your network and attract new chances. It’s not always easy to tell if you’re projecting the proper skills and qualifications to coworkers and strangers. We’ll go over how to fill up the sections of a […]

How to replace your job income and beat inflation

Attend the LIVE webinar this week for four reasons.         You will learn:   – How to replace your income from a job – How to get ahead on your retirement savings plan – How to create riches for future generations – How to Deal with Inflation   There’s good news!   […]

A Case Study: Dokonalá Káva’s average order value through Smarstupp has increased by 127 per cent.

This Case Study provides value in the use of digital tools available online. There is no excuse for any entrepreneur to tap into the new technology. If Dokonalá Káva can use it to increase by 127 per cent you can as well! COMPANY Dokonalá Káva began as a tiny webshop in 2015, founded by Jan […]

The Skilled Visa programme in Australia

Australia is one of the countries in the world with good and sustainable economies in the world. Even in times of the pandemic, it has managed to stabilise its economy. The unemployment rate is reduced as reported by RBA below and I quote! The economy has proven to be resilient, with inflation rising faster and […]

To start making money in real estate, here are the first steps

  This can make it hard for an entrepreneur to invest in certain areas of real estate with little risk, though. When the pandemic hit, the real estate market changed in a matter of hours. Now, people are trying to figure out how to deal with the “new normal” of a post-pandemic real estate market. […]

Introduction of Rytr’s tool for quick assignments

The Rtyr’s team has been working on creating a revolution in the academic writing field and their newest tool, Rytr is really a game changer. Rytr helps you complete all your papers within minutes. The best part about Rytr is that it’s simple to use and doesn’t need any user knowledge. If you are looking […]

Zambian Mines Available for Sale.

  Entrepreneurs Development Circles (EDC) and CJ Investiment (CJI) Property are proud to announce the availability of three mines for sale in Zambia. The mines are rich in Emerald, Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Nickel, Silver and other base metals; and are located in the Copperbelt and Northwestern regions of Zambia respectively. The mines have all the […]

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