Upcoming Global Marketing Day

Upcoming Global Marketing Day

The greatest brands in the world will be speaking during a special, nonstop, 24-hour webcast from New York, London, and Dubai.
It is a marketing conference unlike any other, sharing razor-sharp ideas and current trends that you can use in your successful initiatives.
What’s best? It is free.

You can learn from, connect with, and get inspired by other marketers worldwide. The upcoming Global Marketing Day must not be missed.

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Have you ever wished you could study the strategies marketers employ at companies like LinkedIn, Google, Vogue, and others? What if you could obtain them for nothing at all?

You can now, though! Join Global Marketing Day 2023, a one-of-a-kind, 24-hour online event powered by Semrush.

On February 16th, 2023, join the 150,000 people worldwide to learn, develop, and receive non-stop marketing insights on how top-tier brands drive growth and triumph online.

Abhi Godara, CEO and Co-Founder of our Ryting tribe, may be seen there offering his ideas.

Watch 50+ seminars led by top marketers from the biggest brands in the world, including:
WeTransfer: Dan Gee, Global Lead of Advertising; Google: Natalie Zmuda, Global Head of Think with Google; H&M: Linda Li Steiner, Head of Customer, Marketing, and E-Commerce; Vimeo: Robin Showers, Director of Content Marketing; Vogue: Lucy Maguire, Senior Trends Editor
Additional speakers will be announced each week, so there’s still more.

Join tens of thousands of other business people for a unique, entirely remote conference that will be live-broadcast by studios in New York, London, and Dubai. Anywhere in the world can access the stream online at any time.

Are you prepared to improve your marketing abilities? Save your free slot right away:


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