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The highest level of engagement ever seen on LinkedIn.

  LinkedIn has a lot to offer entrepreneurs, and we tell them all the time not to overlook it. Additionally, the business claims that engagement levels reached record highs in the most recent quarter. Here’s what that means for you:   A revival in the job market and an increase in the demand for LinkedIn […]

How do you track your company’s progress?

How do you track your company’s progress? Here are Mandy’s Top 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It’s possible to make money running a membership site. We own and operate one, and we adore it. But how can you track your company’s progress? Subscribers? Traffic? Churn? Mandy from Paid Membership PRO has established the KPIs to […]

Do Trusts Protect Your Wealth?

The D G Institute’s Master Wealth Class on Wealth Protection in Sydney in 2017 was an eye-opening experience. Many people, including myself, believe that a trust set up for tax purposes can be used to protect one’s wealth. This is not the case. When creditors try to seize your assets, the law can cut right […]

Are you struggling to find net worth investors?

Are struggling to find net worth investors? Are you spending more money on ads in search of investors for your business but no results? We have an answer for you right now… Many ordinary and seasoned investors use this system consistently and are pulling net worth investors from LinkedIn  “We’ve attracted several new clients, […]

New Investiment Offer from EK Capital

According to  CoreLogic’s first Home Value Index for 2022, There has been a 1% rise in home values over December, Australia’s housing values ended the calendar year 22.1% higher. The pace of national capital growth has continued to wane since the Index moved through a cyclical high of 2.8% growth in March 2021. As dwelling […]

The Complete Guide to Learning How to Start a Business with Top E-Learning Solutions for Entrepreneurs

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, there are a number of best practices and tools that can help you. One of these is the use of entrepreneur courses. These are programs that equip entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge they need to start their own company or grow their current business. However, […]

How to make big money in small apartment

My prefered term for knowledge is a tool, not a power. A means of gaining financial independence and a better quality of life. Here, you will find the answers to all of your questions about purchasing a tiny flat. Investing in real estate is one of the most effective ways to accumulate wealth ever devised. […]

Discover why broker market share is growing so strongly

EK Capital reports that in the September quarter, mortgage brokers originated a record 66.9% of all new residential home loans, according to research group Comparator. This compares to the market share of 60.1% the year before. Why is broker market share growing so strongly? One reason is value. When you go directly to a bank, […]

Viduber: highly profitable video marketing system that works with and for you

Welcome to Viduber…where you will save a bundle and make a fortune with your videos! Yes! It’s the first video hosting company that offers a 60% residual commission payout program for any paid referrals! A 35% direct referral commission is paid plus a 25% matching check based on the total sales generated by your direct […]

RBA holds cash rate steady at 0.10%

This is a quick release from my business partner EK Capital to our esteemed clients and those who want to be part of our community that we are open to helping you with your investment decision. As was widely expected, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has kept the cash rate at a record-low 0.10%. […]

Melanie Perkins, the youngest and second-worthiest female in Australia, shares five entrepreneurial lessons

  Learn how to create a firm that is worth billions of dollars. Melanie Perkins has featured in today’s business review, thanks to Adrian Falks! She is one of the youngest female CEOs of a software firm worth more than $1 billion, has been named Australia’s second-wealthiest woman entrepreneur, and the company she co-founded, Canva, […]

Stakeholder Engagement

  Focus is placed on the human element of change, which includes getting people to adopt new behaviours as well as change the way they think and feel. Stakeholders need to know what we expect of them if we want them to participate or complete a task in a different way. The intent must be […]

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