Let’s take a look at the three main reasons why people set goals.

Let’s take a look at the three main reasons why people set goals.

Having seen the positive change that goal setting can bring about in one’s own life, I find it impossible to overstate its significance. Let’s look at the three main reasons people set goals.

If you want to buy a new car or go on a vacation, you must see what your life will be like once you’ve accomplished your objective. The same applies if you want to amass a sizable real estate portfolio.

Your normal routine takes on a new significance, and you are inspired to press on through any difficulties by remembering your end goal. Having a target in mind makes you more likely to take responsibility for your actions. When you pose questions like “would this action advance me towards my objective or away from my goal,” you’re holding yourself accountable for the outcome, which aids decision-making. When we decide what we want out of life and what we need to do or alter, we begin to prioritise those things.

“Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.”
-Ken Poirot

It’s much more likely that we’ll succeed in life if we have a specific set of goals in mind. Setting goals has always made me feel better and more productive, and I’ve discovered that doing so can lead to a more rewarding life.

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