Making Money Transfers Simple

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I trust your June isn’t going too fast for you! I just wanted to remind you about OFX’s ability to direct debit clients’ funds. Two weeks ago, a referred client had to move $14 million from Australia to the US. As he was based in the US, his bank only allowed him to move $100,000 per […]

Do you fear being rejected?

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Do you fear being rejected? When making a deal pitch… Do you have a deep-seated fear of being rejected or, worse, embarrassing yourself to no end? How about on social media platforms? Do you fear making a fool of yourself or offending someone? It’s human nature to resist being told no. Even seasoned capital raisers […]

Create A Six-Figure Coaching/Consulting Firm From The Ground Up

Test our Brand Weekly News Letter by subscribing     With the help of our proprietary business coaching software, you can quickly register and find any business over $100,000 without spending extra on marketing or advertising. You can also find your high-end coaching fees before beginning work with a new high-end coaching client. You […]

How Newton’s 17th-Century Discovery Can Explode Your Wealth This Year..

We hope that 2024 is off to a great start for you. I am excited to share with you this 17th-century formula by Wealth Factory. As a business owner or investor, we also hope you get a chance to look at the ECS offering! Physics is involved! Because, even if things are going well for […]

Discover the strategies employed by Grant to establish an extensive investor network that extends beyond his immediate social circle

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

Did he exceed the subscription amount by $40,000,000? Yes… This document is an analysis of Grant Cardone’s financial endeavour to secure funding for the acquisition of a Scottsdale office complex located in the United States of America. The following are five lessons derived from Grant’s actions that can be employed to generate a substantial amount […]

Process and Procedures- A case study adopting restaurant regulation and processes

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Francisco recognized the importance of adapting restaurant regulations and processes as his business grew, both to preserve quality and to maximize revenue and profits. He also implemented a new dynamic pricing strategy for reservations. The price of a meal was slightly higher during peak dining hours and lower during off-peak hours. This improved the restaurant’s […]

The MAP Strategy in Digital Marketing

In this video, you will discover one thing that comes to mind and how you can create a strategy in your company. We call this MAP strategy, Meet, Ask for time and Present your company offer. Customers nowadays already expect seamless and customized experiences from the goods and services they purchase. The customer experience of […]

My Coaching Business

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My objective is simple: I want to assist sincere entrepreneurs in expanding their clientele, closing more deals, and swiftly and affordably raising their total income and earnings. I can assist you in increasing your bottom-line revenue by an additional $500,000 over the course of the following 12 months without having to give up more time […]

What Distinguishes Effective Entrepreneurs

by Alexis Wolfe | Apr 13, 2022 What Distinguishes Effective Entrepreneurs? If you’re considering starting your own company, you’ve probably heard how frequently first-time business owners fail. It is accurate to say that 70% of companies fail within the first ten years of existence. By the conclusion of their second year, about 30% have failed. […]

Discover the one secret that allowed Joel to build a $280 Million dollar business online

Do you want to know why and how he did this? He built and grew a profit email list and business with a high engaging email list of raving fans. $1,000+ Per Day With THIS ( Below is Joel’s confession! My life was altered by list building, which also helped me create a highly lucrative, […]

District Commissioner implores entrepreneurs development circles to develop Entrepreneurial Mind for Job and Wealth Creation

  The guest of honour, Nyimba District Commissioner Mr Paul Daka delivered his speech to launch the programme in Nyimba and began by saying that he was extremely delighted and felt humbled to have been invited to officially launch EDC and CJ Investment’s entrepreneurship development programme in Nyimba district today. The new dawn government’s desire […]

Immigrants’ Real Life Challenges and Lessons

Immigrants’ Real Life Challenges and Lessons: Struggles and Triumphs For the majority of us, our path to where we are now has a tale to tell. You can learn about the fortitude, application of lessons learned, and inspiration of six people in this book who took a big risk and immigrated to Australia. They used […]

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