Do you fear being rejected?

Do you fear being rejected?

Do you fear being rejected?

When making a deal pitch…

Do you have a deep-seated fear of being rejected or, worse, embarrassing yourself to no end?

How about on social media platforms?

Do you fear making a fool of yourself or offending someone?

It’s human nature to resist being told no.

Even seasoned capital raisers who appear more sophisticated than cucumbers…

Possess some hidden areas of insecurity.

They wouldn’t be humans if they weren’t. And from what I understand…

There are currently no AI androids that can raise all of your money for you;)

What then should be done about this dread of being rejected?

Three items:

1. Give up making it all about you

It’s not a personal matter. Focus on providing or increasing value for investors. As your curiosity about THEM grows, you’ll notice that your fear of rejection begins to fade.

2. Make more use of your marketing resources

Why not delegate the labour-intensive tasks to your marketing assets? These resources immediately increase your credibility and take care of objections, saving you the trouble.

Make things far simpler than if you were a polished salesperson attempting to close deals with investors.

3. Develop Your Skills

The largest shift in the game, by far. This is where mastering the abilities necessary for interacting with investors pays off.

Greater confidence = competence.

Investing in elite mentors and coaches is one of my favourite life hacks.

This is particularly true for specialized information that is almost impossible to acquire without much prior experience.

Keep this in mind:

It’s acceptable to experience some degree of rejection and fear…

It’s not acceptable to give in to your fear and allow it to prevent you from creating the life you and your family deserve.

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