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Reserve Bank of Australia(RBA) Lifted the Cash rate target by 50 basis points to 1.35

The cash rate target was raised by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) today by 50 basis points to 1.35 per cent, as was widely anticipated. This is the RBA’s third consecutive rate increase, and more are likely throughout the year as the government works to rein in inflation. With mortgage and utility expenses continuing […]

The turnkey platform that has everything a company needs to get off the ground quickly and easily

  ONPASSIVE is an information technology firm whose main mission is to create a comprehensive business solution. Organizational goals include maximising business potential with little input while maximising innovation and value delivery. Expert business solutions are provided by ONPASSIVE by combining human and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to help business leaders all across the […]

Investment Property Owners  – Maximise Your Deductions

  Property Tax Depreciation – What is it, and how does it help me as an investor? In general, Depreciation refers to the loss of value of an asset over time. Tax Depreciation is the term used when that asset is used for income-generating purposes as the eligible amount of deductions reduces the owner’s taxable […]

Driving innovation through AI TECHNOLOGY

  ONPASSIVE AI Software product development firm gives a competitive edge, creativity, and fresh insights into business and technological difficulties. We accelerate innovation and change businesses from strategy through designing, execution, and management. I am excited to be one of the first Founders who saw the vision of the initiator, Mr Mufarah, four years ago. […]

Is it time to re-finance?

Mortgage payments for millions of Australians are expected to rise as a result of recent increases in the cash rate, prompting the nation’s residents to wonder whether or not they can afford to keep their homes. Is it wise to remortgage at this time? Although much hinges on your unique circumstances and objectives, there is […]

New Platform that makes blogging simple

  Where to Signup Sign up for Blog This WOW by taking a free tour from me, Charles Kaluwasha. My team and I are committed to helping you get the most from Blog This WOW. We’re also authorized to give away free demos of the Easy As Email™ Product. No credit card is needed, and Recommended Resellers […]

Be a risk taker in order to succeed

If you’re a new startup trying to scale a new business or aspiring to be an entrepreneur, here are some eight pointers to help you. 1. Take risks and be willing to fail: Failure isn’t always a bad thing; it’s often an essential step towards success. The most successful entrepreneurs don’t let fear of failure […]

EK CAPITAL: specialises in property investment and mortgage broking.

EK CAPITAL specialises in property investment and mortgage broking. With over 50 years of collective experience in the banking and real estate market, they are one of the most experienced teams in Wollongong. Their agents undergo extensive market research and analysis training to ensure they purchase the right investment opportunities in the right market. Team […]

Labor’s victory in the federal election keeps the Australian dollar steady.

Transfer your funds with confidence! Following a weekly decline to lows of 0.6872, the Australian dollar closed on Friday above the psychologically significant 70 US cent mark. There was little activity on Friday ahead of Saturday’s federal election in Australia, in which Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese claimed victory and will become the 31st Prime […]

Zambian Mines Available for Sale.

  Entrepreneurs Development Circles (EDC) and CJ Investiment (CJI) Property are proud to announce the availability of three mines for sale in Zambia. The mines are rich in Emerald, Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Nickel, Silver and other base metals; and are located in the Copperbelt and Northwestern regions of Zambia respectively. The mines have all the […]

11 Marketing Tips that can help you start earning $10,000 in 90 days

In this video you will learn tips that 8 figure entrepreneurs use to start earning ten thousand dollars in 90 days when you do the following: Change your mindset Do email marketing Draw up a list of building plan Create an Image for your business Draw up a traffic plan Leverage your list Start promoting […]

Create Video Landing Pages in 20 Seconds

  My business partner and mentor, Tissa and I have been working on software that can make your work much easier and faster. You can grow your email list by adding opt-in forms to all your videos. Conserve your hard-earned cash (no need to buy any third-party email marketing services) Customized calls to action and […]

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