The key to a successful 2024

The key to a successful 2024


Many people are just now coming to terms with the fact that this year is winding down and that they have failed miserably at achieving many of their objectives.

I understand, first of all.

For the sake of complete candour…


While we were able to accomplish some of our more ambitious targets this year, we fell short in other areas, such as transaction flow and capital-raising, due to the increase in interest rates.


And it’s alright.


That’s how it works.


The most important thing is that we have been monitoring this on a weekly and quarterly basis, so it didn’t surprise us.


My bad…


Many business owners fail to keep track of the passing years because they are confused about their goals, don’t know how they’re doing, and are caught off guard as the year comes to a close.


Regardless of the events of the past year, the crux of the matter is…


How can you enter 2024 with such confidence that you’re sure to crush it?


Here are three immediate tactics you can implement:.


1. Define your mission-critical goals that are in line with your fundamental values. You won’t succeed in reaching your objectives until you make them firm. By “specific,” I mean objectives for the year that are not only broad but also time-bound and quantifiable.


2. To achieve those objectives, set up your key performance indicators. You need more than a North Star to succeed in business. To reach your objectives, you must have precise measurements to guide your actions. This is a key distinction between small businesses and multinational conglomerates.


3. Utilize a third-party accountability system to monitor your key performance indicators weekly. Please be completely forthright with me if you have found it difficult to complete tasks in 2023. Could you use a key performance indicator (KPI) spreadsheet to track your progress each week? You should not only have one, but you should also be reviewing your progress with another senior team member that you hold in high regard and would hate to let down.


Because of these measures taken by Plapol and C J, we are not hoping that “things turn around” for us in the year 2024.


What we need to do to position ourselves to achieve our goals is crystal clear to us.


Would you agree?


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