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6 years anniversary for CJInvestiments

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In my journey as a Founder and CEO of CJInvestiments, I want to thank my network on LinkedIn, family and friends, my students and clients for the support rendered to me and my team over the years. It has not been easy to maintain the momentum. Cash flow was not coming on our side, but […]

Expression of interest in IT solutions

Overcome resistance and explicit limiting beliefs. EDC/CJ Investiment Limited has made a business resolution to embrace the application of IT Solutions in various sectors to improve efficiency, minimize wastage of resources and improve productivity. The sectors include general entrepreneurship and business development, agriculture, transport, and real estate. We engage reputable, highly resourced, skilled and experienced […]

Build a recession-proof real estate portfolio 

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Build a recession-proof real estate portfolio  Real estate investing can be a fantastic way to grow wealth over time, but like any other investment, it requires regular analysis and course corrections to build a recession-proof real estate portfolio.    Here are some warnings that it’s time to rethink your approach to real estate: 1. There […]

The desired preferences of investors

Investment Plan

Abstract: This article explores the concept of streams of value and how they extend beyond monetary returns for investors. It delves into the various dimensions of value that investors seek, including social, environmental, and personal benefits. By considering these additional forms of value, investors can make better-informed decisions and contribute to a more sustainable and […]

Super Video Editor

We’re thrilled to share with you that Movavi Video Editor just got an awesome upgrade! And so did our collections Movavi Video Suite and Movavi Unlimited. Here are some links to check on: Movavi Video Editor https://www.mvvitrk.com/click?pid=1303&offer_id=1&l=1593598742 Movavi Video Suite https://www.mvvitrk.com/click?pid=1303&offer_id=1&l=1593598474 Movavi Unlimited https://www.mvvitrk.com/click?pid=1303&offer_id=1&l=1695209834  The newest version makes editing videos even more effortless and enjoyable – with clearer […]

How We Create A Competition-Crushing Sales Process

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We’ve helped build countless businesses and marketed them with a system that has consistently tripled revenues, profit, and exposure. In record time. We’ve done it for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturing concerns, and Internet-based companies. We can do it for you too, if, you will allow us! The marketing process we’ve followed has […]

Stun Them Into Submission

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Today, we’ll look at the five crucial elements of a marketing campaign launch that is both successful and sustainable. These are fundamentals that you will find yourself using again and again once you have them down. The five crucial elements are as follows: identify your unique selling proposition (USP); implement a strong sales offer; stay […]

Reach your investment objectives: Use loans to support your plan

Investment Plan

We have access to loan products that aren’t advertised by lenders. They might provide more enticing interest rates or extras that can save you money on interest. Rely on your industry knowledge We can also help you be more successful with your real estate investments since we are continuously aware of the intricate and constantly […]

How We Make Sure You Select “Your Ideal Target Market” video

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With the help of the physical / emotional profile worksheets, you should now have a clearly defined profile of the physical and emotional characteristics that define your target customer… and you should have selected the one hot button that you feel most passionate about. That hot button has now become your niche market. Selecting your […]

The Golden Path to Real Estate Investment: A Guide By C J Investiments Pty Ltd

Real Estate Investment

C J Investiments Pty Ltd stands ready to empower people and businesses with a varied selection of services designed to maximize profits and stimulate financial progress as the world of real estate investment continues to evolve. C J Investiments is your trusted partner in navigating the volatile real estate market, with a consistent dedication to […]

Tax deductions related to your investment

residential real estate investing

As the financial year comes to a close, I wanted to touch base with all my clients and investors and ensure you’re taking advantage of all possible tax deductions related to your investment. Here are five items you should consider including in your tax deduction: 1. Interest Repayments – Despite being an ongoing expense, you […]

How to Choose Between Active and Passive Investments 


    The two main categories of investors are those who actively manage their portfolios and those who sit back and let the market do the work for them. Each sort of investment has its own pros and cons, and it’s up to the individual investor to determine what works best for them.    Involvement […]

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