Wealth Creation Strategies

How To Safeguard Your Empire & “Live Wealthy” Until The Day You Die

Can you imagine the terror on Cornelius Vanderbilt’s face if he had known that his Manhattan house would be demolished just 50 years after his death due to his heirs running out of money? In the 1800s, the man amassed a personal fortune exceeding $100 million! That is among the richest fortunes ever witnessed by […]

How you can build your “perfect” investor attraction

Real Estate Investment

Here is everything to build your “perfect” investor attraction Building upon the “perfect” investor attraction usually involves planning, researching, preparing, and building relationships. Here’s how you can go about it: Understand Your Audience: Before looking for investors, you need to understand who your ideal audience is. Different investors concentrate on different sectors, stages of business, […]

Create A Six-Figure Coaching/Consulting Firm From The Ground Up

With the help of our proprietary business coaching software, you can quickly register and find any business over $100,000 without spending extra on marketing or advertising. You can also find your high-end coaching fees before beginning work with a new high-end coaching client. You can also use our group coaching program to leverage time and […]

Why All Parents Should Encourage Their Kids to Learn to Code

PLAPOL SOFTWARE Why All Parents Should Encourage Their Kids to Learn to Code by Manish V It is not only a choice but also a duty to teach your child to code in a society where technology is the cornerstone of advancement. Here’s a strong argument for why parents everywhere should teach their kids to […]

Join the Peer-to-Peer(P2P) Global Funding Community to chase your entrepreneurship dreams.

Early-stage start-up Entrepreneurs and companies struggle with pre-seed and seed capital. Entrepreneurs Capital Solution is here to your rescue. We are here to help you secure that initial funding that fuels growth and unlocks new opportunities with our kind Global platforms for your business capital raising and investment portfolio. We have created the Entrepreneurs Capital Solution […]

Free Training for business owners-compounding growth and accelerating profits.

If you are determined, then try it!

Compounding growth is a powerful financial concept wherein the value of an investment increases exponentially over time rather than linearly. This is because the return is calculated not only on the initial principal amount but also on the accumulated interest or earnings of previous periods. This results in growth on growth, giving an effect similar […]

Launching of our ECS platform

The introduction of our ECS platform We are excited to share with you that the Global ECS platform we started last year is scheduled to be launched in a few weeks. The system will consist of an ECS backend system, a mobile app, and a website. The platform will bring a network of entrepreneurs together to […]

The key to a successful 2024


  Many people are just now coming to terms with the fact that this year is winding down and that they have failed miserably at achieving many of their objectives. I understand, first of all. For the sake of complete candour…   While we were able to accomplish some of our more ambitious targets this […]

Investors Opportunity in Perth

Through a smooth digital experience, C. J. Investments and Partners, a digital mortgage broker, offers exceptionally competitive home loan rates. With a home loan customized to your circumstances, their team of friendly lending specialists aims to give you more freedom and a more positive financial experience. Get started here!

6 years anniversary for CJInvestiments

investment into property | cjinvestiment

In my journey as a Founder and CEO of CJInvestiments, I want to thank my network on LinkedIn, family and friends, my students and clients for the support rendered to me and my team over the years. It has not been easy to maintain the momentum. Cash flow was not coming on our side, but […]

Expression of interest in IT solutions

Overcome resistance and explicit limiting beliefs. EDC/CJ Investiment Limited has made a business resolution to embrace the application of IT Solutions in various sectors to improve efficiency, minimize wastage of resources and improve productivity. The sectors include general entrepreneurship and business development, agriculture, transport, and real estate. We engage reputable, highly resourced, skilled and experienced […]

Build a recession-proof real estate portfolio 

alternative property investment

Build a recession-proof real estate portfolio  Real estate investing can be a fantastic way to grow wealth over time, but like any other investment, it requires regular analysis and course corrections to build a recession-proof real estate portfolio.    Here are some warnings that it’s time to rethink your approach to real estate: 1. There […]

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