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The Skilled Visa programme in Australia

Australia is one of the countries in the world with good and sustainable economies in the world. Even in times of the pandemic, it has managed to stabilise its economy. The unemployment rate is reduced as reported by RBA below and I quote! The economy has proven to be resilient, with inflation rising faster and […]

To start making money in real estate, here are the first steps

  This can make it hard for an entrepreneur to invest in certain areas of real estate with little risk, though. When the pandemic hit, the real estate market changed in a matter of hours. Now, people are trying to figure out how to deal with the “new normal” of a post-pandemic real estate market. […]

Introduction of Rytr’s tool for quick assignments

The Rtyr’s team has been working on creating a revolution in the academic writing field and their newest tool, Rytr is really a game changer. Rytr helps you complete all your papers within minutes. The best part about Rytr is that it’s simple to use and doesn’t need any user knowledge. If you are looking […]

Zambian Mines Available for Sale.

  Entrepreneurs Development Circles (EDC) and CJ Investiment (CJI) Property are proud to announce the availability of three mines for sale in Zambia. The mines are rich in Emerald, Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Nickel, Silver and other base metals; and are located in the Copperbelt and Northwestern regions of Zambia respectively. The mines have all the […]

Silverest Student Accommodation

“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” — Dalai Lama Data shows that we are moving from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, according to the most recent data. Real estate investors all over the country should be very happy with this development. In other words, if you’ve […]

Onpassive Global IT Company Launched

Open to wealth

Greetings! I wanted to share an opportunity with you which has attracted 1,265,657 members with about 1,000 new members joining each day. What if there was a company that provided the following: 100% Success For All Participants 100% Hands-Free All Done For You Advertising The company Does the Selling The Company Does the Sales Presentation All […]

Let others build a massive email list for you

Let others build a massive email list for you if you’ve just launched. Every person on your email list is worth about $1.00 per month in residual revenue to you. What would it be like to have 4000 subscribers to your email list? Just from promoting affiliate offers to your list, you could earn $4000.00 […]

How You Can Easily Set SMART Goals


  Honestly, this story by Kurotamunoye A.S Amadi-Rapheal  touched and made me think, “why do we do things in secrecy?” Before I review our secret too, please allow me to share this inspiring and educative lesson with you, please read up to the end and I quote! “I went to see a blind buddy of […]

Discover how entrepreneurship can make you a millionaire and employ others

ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FOR JOB AND WEALTH CREATION is the name of our programme. It is a comprehensive Entrepreneurship capacity building programme as outlined in the 12-month roadmap, not just training. Training is only one part of the puzzle. Entrepreneurship and small business management training, mentorship, coaching, participation at various business events, business plan preparation, […]

Home loan increases as international boarders open

C J Investiments, in collaboration with EK Capital, brings you exciting news about the reopening of the international border! Investors holding rental properties in large cities will have more opportunities. Meanwhile, here’s what’s new in the world of real estate and finance: • Borrowers set a new record for home loans • First-time homebuyers get […]

Development Program for job and Wealth Creation Workshop

On 17th Of February 2022, CJInvestiment and its partner SGM- Intrapreneurs Development Cycles of Zambia, in Collaboration with Pretew Food Solutions Limited and ReuMailFab & Marketing technologies and marketing limited held an induction course for its 27 District Program Facilitators drawn from 10 provinces of Zambia. The two-day induction course was held at the Blue […]

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