Save $1000 per couple and more with Globus Tours and The Royale Travel Club!

Save $1000 per couple and more with Globus Tours and The Royale Travel Club!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to travel. We therefore suggest a range of approaches to travel: close to home and abroad, off the usual route, into the famous, or independently. Whatever your preferred method of travel, one thing is for sure: you won’t have to worry about scheduling, organizing, getting around, finding lodging,

or professional advice wherever you go when organizing your

journey with The Royale Travel Club and Globus.

Save $1000 per couple on select Globus Europe 2024 Tours*

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European Sampler

9 days from Amsterdam to Paris

This European Sampler offers a 9-day tour of Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and France. Experience the highlights of each country as you cruise along Amsterdam’s canals, float down the Rhine, and explore the Black Forest, Burgundy’s vineyards, and the Swiss Alps.

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Did you know that travel can boost employee innovation and productivity?

If you have created efficient and adaptable travel policies that fit your company’s needs and culture, it encourages innovation, teamwork, diversity, and employee well-being.


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