When promoting a product or service, how do you go about doing so?

When promoting a product or service, how do you go about doing so?

My network just informed me that they invested much in what they call “one of the best marketing systems of all time.” Because they were inexperienced in sales, they looked to this miracle drug as the answer to all their problems.

Naturally, they’re more befuddled than ever. Not moving forwards at all, they are frustrated.

Please hear me out on this. Marketing is easy, as my coach and author, Kyle Wilson, has been saying for over twenty years. Simply said, it’s a matter of putting two and two together. By the way, he coached me on how to write a book in 3 months

This is not an attempt at deception or manipulation. Finding the most direct routes to market for your offerings is what this is all about. You need to define who your ideal consumer is and what makes you special (your secret sauce). This means carefully planning your audience, tone, and objectives. The key is familiarity with the market and the competition. The next step is to figure out how to topple the marketing pyramid in the most effective way possible.

Yes, there are strategies you need to employ. Before I sold my businesses, I employed various strategies to amass an email list of over a million people and to ensure the complete sell-out of major events. However, marketing’s foundational concepts must always come first and be prioritised over any specific strategy.

Foundational tenets, such as making a quality product and providing outstanding service to clients, maintaining uniformity, and preparing for the long haul by forming strong bonds. Rather than wasting time on things that won’t amount to much in the long run, focus on those that will.

Realize that it all comes down to relationship building and providing value first, regardless of whether you’re selling a product or organising an event, sending out emails, or amassing a fan base on social media.

Never allow a good or fantastic strategy to supersede marketing principles, as I always advise. Mass emailing or texting everyone you know is effective, but it’s not how to make friends or create connections. Some people fall for one-sided strategies that lead to constant customer turnover rather than the compound growth of a sustainable firm.

If you do your marketing right, you will soon deal almost exclusively with pre-qualified leads and word-of-mouth recommendations.

When bringing in new clients, Kyle emphasises closing warm and hot prospects (referrals and folks I’ve been building a relationship with) more than closing cold traffic.

A great strategy for turning this into a reality is constantly seeking to expand your network and audience and then engaging with both. Contribute something useful. Convey your thoughts. Inform them of what’s happening and how they might benefit from it.

Also, occasionally, you can bring up and pitch your offerings.

You act like a farmer when you create a network and audience and communicate with them via email lists, social media, blogs, podcasts, events, etc. Instead of being a hunter who must constantly sell to individuals, you are making an investment in a future return based on providing value and fostering connections.

Don’t believe the hype about quick fixes or miraculous pills. Typically, you won’t get either one of those results.


Connect the marketing dots and stay true to your principles; your success will grow over time.

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