struggles and triumphs

The Financial Wellness Program at C J Investiments

  Putting your financial situation in order It is tedious and time-consuming to keep track of business spending and mileage. Stop putting data into spreadsheets for hours at a time. Put an end to those difficult software packages and let CJI handle the task instead. Education, methods, and systems of knowledge Execution: Take initiative and […]

Immigrants’ Real Life Challenges and Lessons

Immigrants’ Real Life Challenges and Lessons: Struggles and Triumphs For the majority of us, our path to where we are now has a tale to tell. You can learn about the fortitude, application of lessons learned, and inspiration of six people in this book who took a big risk and immigrated to Australia. They used […]


My new book, The STRUGGLES AND TRIUMPHS, is available for pre-order now! Through #Publishing House called Olana’s World, we bring People’s Stories to light. We have over five projects lined up before the end of the year. We are starting with our Entrepreneur Development Program, which has already kicked off in Zambia, then  As Easy As Email […]

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