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We are developing entrepreneurial minds among the 19 Million+ Zambian people for job and wealth creation.


  EDC & CJInvstiment is implementing a Certified Entrepreneurship Development Programme to develop an entrepreneurial mind among all people for job and wealth creation. The programme is being implemented in partnership with EDC of Zambia with support from the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Small Scale Industries Association of Zambia. The programme […]

The highest level of engagement ever seen on LinkedIn.

  LinkedIn has a lot to offer entrepreneurs, and we tell them all the time not to overlook it. Additionally, the business claims that engagement levels reached record highs in the most recent quarter. Here’s what that means for you:   A revival in the job market and an increase in the demand for LinkedIn […]

Melanie Perkins, the youngest and second-worthiest female in Australia, shares five entrepreneurial lessons

  Learn how to create a firm that is worth billions of dollars. Melanie Perkins has featured in today’s business review, thanks to Adrian Falks! She is one of the youngest female CEOs of a software firm worth more than $1 billion, has been named Australia’s second-wealthiest woman entrepreneur, and the company she co-founded, Canva, […]

Entrepreneurs Development Circles Recruits Program Facilitators

[embedyt][/embedyt] In August we run an advert on social media regarding the District Program facilitators to help us implement our robust entrepreneurship program in Zambia. The ad received 700 applications and about a few were shortlisted. The selected have been invited for interviews to be held on Wednesday 3rd November 2021 at INDECO HOUSE, […]

Why online courses are reshaping the face of digital entrepreneurship

Get 15% off on all Digital products, use this coupon PTNAFF0814AFS15  It expires on 15  December.     My team and I are completely excited about the future of the C J Investments project, its unique community of entrepreneurs and businesses, and the enormous effect our course creators have had by distributing their expertise to […]

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