The highest level of engagement ever seen on LinkedIn.

The highest level of engagement ever seen on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn has a lot to offer entrepreneurs, and we tell them all the time not to overlook it. Additionally, the business claims that engagement levels reached record highs in the most recent quarter. Here’s what that means for you:


A revival in the job market and an increase in the demand for LinkedIn ads have helped Microsoft-owned LinkedIn to declare a record engagement’ on the network, with overall income up 36%. Microsoft: As more and more people reevaluate their employment options, we’re witnessing a Great Reshuffle in the job market. With this news, LinkedIn also said that its Sales Solutions division, which is led by its Sales Navigator platform, raked in more than $1 billion in sales in 2015. Members of the social networking site LinkedIn

As recently as 2016, Microsoft paid $26.2 billion to acquire LinkedIn, a professional social network with roughly 430 million members, which has now nearly doubled to 810 million.

However, despite these caveats, LinkedIn continues to rise. And again, there is much evidence that LinkedIn will continue to grow and expand on its existing use as more people explore new chances in the modern world of work and more professionals try to connect.


Consider using LinkedIn for your marketing efforts if you haven’t done so before. While it’s not for everyone, there are advantages to using LinkedIn.

Yakov has even developed  a course  to help entrepreneurs to connect with high net investors using LinkedIn


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