Melanie Perkins, the youngest and second-worthiest female in Australia, shares five entrepreneurial lessons

Melanie Perkins, the youngest and second-worthiest female in Australia, shares five entrepreneurial lessons


Learn how to create a firm that is worth billions of dollars.

Melanie Perkins has featured in today’s business review, thanks to Adrian Falks!

She is one of the youngest female CEOs of a software firm worth more than $1 billion, has been named Australia’s second-wealthiest woman entrepreneur, and the company she co-founded, Canva, was recently valued at $40 billion.

She shares five key takeaways on how she was able to expand their company consistently and profitably.


Return the favour.


This works out to a whopping $12 billion gift. Entrepreneurs should constantly use their business to give back, in my opinion. Another alternative is to partner with a giving impact platform and donate to a cause for every product sold or project performed. My company is a CARE FLIGHT partner, and every time I launch a new public relations campaign, I select a cause that is pertinent to the campaign.


Incorporate your values into your company’s operations.

Perkins and Obrecht have strong moral convictions, and they make sure that these values are reflected in Canva’s mission. “Canva does not endorse and will not allow its Service being used to discriminate against others, especially when based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, handicap, ancestry, or national origin,” it states in section 3.2 of the small print.

How many businesses can boast that their usage or engagement conditions include an anti-discrimination clause? This is inspiring to watch and something from which many entrepreneurs may benefit.


Never, ever quit up.

Perkins was told no more than 100 times when she initially tried to raise money for Canva. It wasn’t simple for her to get funds, primarily because she was based in Australia and had approached investors in the United States multiple times before meeting Bill Tai. He didn’t invest in Canva himself, but he did help Perkins and her business partner Cliff Obrecht connect with people who could help them expand. When you hear a “no” in business, changing your perspective can be rather freeing.


Pay attention to your clients.

Perkins founded Canva after becoming irritated with the complexity of working with design applications. They constructed Canva after listening to Fusion Books customers about what worked and what didn’t. As entrepreneurs, we must recognise that our company is like a living, breathing being that will continue to grow and evolve. Your clients’ insights will assist you in taking your company to the next level.



Perkins had to believe in herself many times that she could do what she set out to do. After putting her college education on hold, she went on the road at the age of 19 to try to raise money for her big idea, but she was repeatedly turned down. Building a billion-dollar company is no simple task, but as the phrase goes, if you shoot for the moon, the best you can hope for is a star. You, too, can set yourself up for success and produce the next unicorn by learning from Perkins’ methods.


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