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Want an investment property in a tourist city?

Real estate investment courses provide knowledge and skills that are extremely beneficial to aspiring investors, regardless of their level of expertise or newness to the market

Last weekend, my daughter Kendy and husband travelled to the Gold Coast to check on our investment property in the Pimpama area and sent us this 1-minute video clip. You can improve your chances of starting to build your real estate or any business you are passionate about by utilizing the strategies I have put […]

Discounts,Special Fares and Childrens Free Flights with The Royale Travel Club

Each month The Royale Travel Club will bring you a new digital magazine edition featuring delicious recipes, riveting articles, decorating tips, and more! Club members have access to the current edition, as well as previous editions, 24/7 by logging into our member website and going to the Resources tab, and from there choosing American Lifestyle! It’s […]

Silverest Student Accommodation

“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” — Dalai Lama Data shows that we are moving from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, according to the most recent data. Real estate investors all over the country should be very happy with this development. In other words, if you’ve […]

Discover how to launch five short term houses that generate $5k-$10K/month

  If you’ve spent enough time in the real estate industry, you’ll agree with me that real estate is a brutally red market with fierce competition. What’s the good news? There’s a new and exciting way for you to break free from the real estate rat race, and believe it or not, it only takes […]

Smart Travel Tips: The Royal Travel Club

Make Smart Travel Decisions. The Royal Travel Club recommends bringing Travel Guard on every trip.   More than just travel awaits you as a member of The Royale Travel Club! We wish to provide you with not only fantastic vacations but also financial savings and stress relief. Here are just a couple of the valuable […]

The Australian market is growing at a slower rate in the near future.

The Australian market is growing at a slower rate in the near future. There are multiple variables that will work together to rein in Australia’s housing market over the next two years. The increasing unaffordability of property, Foreign migration, And a potential oversupply of dwellings all function as major hurdles to the sustained growth of […]

New Outlook on Housing Market in Australia

According to the CoreLogic monthly report, housing values continued to rise through the first month of 2021 with CoreLogic’s national home value index up 0.9% over the month. The January movement takes Australian home values to a fresh record high. Housing values have surpassed pre-COVID levels by 1.0%, and the index is 0.7% higher than the previous September […]

Don’t miss out Registering for an Exciting World-class STR Training and Mentoring in 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of LuxHomePro 2.0 in 2021. The Founders of the LuxHomePro Companies began their foray into the Luxury short-term rental industry a few years ago by acquiring control of their first Luxury vacation rental property and learning by trial and error to navigate all the ins and outs of […]

Perth rent values soar to 8.2% annually

According to CoreLogic, the city of Perth was ranked as the Top performing in house rental market increasing by 8.2% by the end of November and 5.4% rent growth during the year. While this may spell good news for landlords across Perth and Darwin, it is worth noting that the reason for such strong rental […]

Advantages of hiring a property manager

As an investor, you can cut costs by managing your property yourself as you don’t need to pay management fees. However, if you lead a busy lifestyle, and don’t reside close to your investment property, hiring a good property manager can end up freeing up your time and the reduce the stress of owning an […]

Discover the number one secret to building your real estate portfolio

  If you want to build your real estate portfolio first go against the norm which says save 10% invest it in some slow growth stocks make/mutual funds and wait for it two mature in 50 years. That is the reason why many inexperienced real estate investors accumulate rental properties at a slow pace. They […]

3 Proven Strategies to Speed Up Your Wealth Building

Do you feel anxious to speed up the process of building your wealth? It took me 10 years to come to term with the three proven strategies to start speeding up my wealth building. I was treating it like a hobby, with no vision, looking for shiny objects. Until I found a mentor who guided […]

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