Discover how to launch five short term houses that generate $5k-$10K/month

Discover how to launch five short term houses that generate $5k-$10K/month


If you’ve spent enough time in the real estate industry, you’ll agree with me that real estate is a brutally red market with fierce competition.

What’s the good news?

There’s a new and exciting way for you to break free from the real estate rat race, and believe it or not, it only takes five houses.

Please bear with me as I explain. In today’s real estate investing, the next blue ocean is short term.

According to three studies undertaken by three independent organisations, many investors are squandering their money.

CBRE’s first study finds the following:

Only approximately 10% of travellers know that short-term holiday rentals are an option for lodging.

As the other 90% of travellers find the value of renting homes and flats for their lodging needs, there is a big untapped market.


Bloomberg’s second study backs up this assertion.

Most people who have stayed in a private vacation rental prefer it to a hotel.

That means that most customers who try a short-term vacation rental perceive it to be a better overall value than a hotel.

3rd research

According to a search of the real estate space, there are no significant established companies in the short-term vacation rentals market as a whole or in any of the important geographical regions.

Vacation rentals are not a passing phenomenon. The frenzy has given birth to one of the most well-known web businesses, Airbnb.


So, whichever type of real estate agent you are,

There’s a strong chance you’re sitting on a stack of cash right now and aren’t even aware of it.

If you’re tired of the month-to-month grind of wholesaling or fix-and-flipping, and you’re fed up with inconsistent lumpy earnings and properties that aren’t selling…

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your portfolio but aren’t sure where to start…

I’m asking if there are any surefire techniques to generate the income you desire…


There is a better way out, and George Salas is here to tell you about it!

Flashback With his initial STRs, ten one-bedroom studios, he exceeded $10,000 in short-term rental income in August 2018.

He was on his way to earning $70,000 per month in rental income in 2019, which may have been his best month ever…

Then there was Covid. During the 2020 lockdown, he dropped to a ridiculous 28-29k, which equates to more than half of our revenue.

After narrowing his focus on mid-size single-family homes and improving his systems and processes, fast forwards to 2021…

With roughly 27 houses and 16-17 apartments, he eventually hit my 6-figure a month mark, with his houses bringing in 30-60 per cent profit margins, which is anything from $3-7k a month NET, PER HOUSE.

Goerge and five other tycoons host a three-day boot camp to disclose their method to new and seasonal investors.

This is your chance to shine.

To amass a six- or seven-figure real estate portfolio

Only five MEDIAN-LUXURY SHORT-TERM RENTALS are enough to net you $5K-$10K per month.


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