Don’t miss out Registering for an Exciting World-class STR Training and Mentoring in 2021

Don’t miss out Registering for an Exciting World-class STR Training and Mentoring in 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of LuxHomePro 2.0 in 2021. The Founders of the LuxHomePro Companies began their foray into the Luxury short-term rental industry a few years ago by acquiring control of their first Luxury vacation rental property and learning by trial and error to navigate all the ins and outs of this ever-more-complex, yet ever-more fun and exciting business.

The Founder’s corporate origins were in the training and development business, having grown several successful education companies. Once they learned the ropes and partnered with outstanding professional advisors, they wanted to share what they learned with others.

During 2018 and 2019, they trained thousands of people through their Lux Profit Formula Course and their signature LuxBnB Bootcamps on how to locate, negotiate, host and operate Short Term Rental properties, with a focus on preparing students to operate luxury properties.

Today, They look towards the coming post-pandemic years with eagerness.

They’re bullish on the continuing rise in demand for high-quality Luxury short-term rentals. They’re excited to get back in the classroom to continue their world-class STR training and mentoring.

They’re heartened by the strong initial market response to their service. And, they’re re-scaling our portfolio of luxury STR properties to meet the coming demand.

Whether you’re interested in investing in LuxHomePro or attending their newest STR Intensive VIP Event to learn about training and partnering opportunities, or to beef up your direct booking and digital marketing capabilities, they will be thrilled that you are part of this community in 2021


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