Tax depreciation

EOFY Depreciation Information – Need To Know


I wanted to quickly mention the following as we all experience the EoFY rush and get closer to June 30: 1 – Our current turnaround time is still only 7 to 14 DAYS for the production of our thorough and ATO-compliant depreciation reports. 2 – To evaluate whether moving on with a report will be […]

Will real estate recover in 2023?

The property market in AUSTRALIA got off to a fantastic start in 2022, with record home values following a very strong run of price increases. But the tide changed after April of this year. It was obvious that the boom was finished, and a correction began. However, there hasn’t only been negative news; the outlook […]

Why You Need A Tax Depreciation Schedule For Your Rental Property

  Missing Out Your Tax Depreciation Schedule Could Costing You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Savings. If you’re a property investor or business owner, you understand the importance of seeking ways to save money on your investment and bolster your profits. That said, many property owners are missing out on one of the most […]

Investment Property Owners  – Maximise Your Deductions

  Property Tax Depreciation – What is it, and how does it help me as an investor? In general, Depreciation refers to the loss of value of an asset over time. Tax Depreciation is the term used when that asset is used for income-generating purposes as the eligible amount of deductions reduces the owner’s taxable […]

The benefits of Depreciation in the rental real estate business

In Tom Wheelwright’s training course, he explains the three steps on how you can benefit from depreciation. First, you don’t immediately jump to the depreciation step. Instead, you do a few other steps first to make sure the tax benefits of depreciation are maximized. How much tax do you pay? If your tax liability is […]

11 Powerful Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate is one o the safest and quickest ways to build wealth. It also yields the best tax-saving opportunities to accelerate your wealth building even further. Unfortunately most real estate investors ( and CPA’s ) are not aware of these golden opportunities. To know more about them,schedule a call!.

Greatest Depreciation Impact on buying brand new property versus second hand property.

The recent depreciation changes have the greatest impact on the types of property you may choose to invest in. Some people prefer to invest in brand-new properties, while others opt for older property that they can renovate and resell for profit. Washington Brown, who are the property depression experts and accredited surveyors in Australia and internationally do […]

Stop Tipping The Tax Man

If you own an investment property and you have had  it professionally assessed for depreciation allowance, chances are you are paying too much tax. Expert define depreciation  as a tax deduction available to property investors. Your investment property basically earns you an income as a form of rent from your tenants. Any activity that  brings […]

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