Why You Need A Tax Depreciation Schedule For Your Rental Property

Why You Need A Tax Depreciation Schedule For Your Rental Property


Missing Out Your Tax Depreciation Schedule Could Costing You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Savings.

If you’re a property investor or business owner, you understand the importance of seeking ways to save money on your investment and bolster your profits. That said, many property owners are missing out on one of the most significant at their disposal: a rental property depreciation schedule.

The barrier for many is a lack of awareness regarding property depreciation and rental property depreciation schedules. Fortunately, saving money begins with learning more about this topic.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at property tax depreciation schedules, what they involve, and how you can save money on your property investments with Washington Brown.

What Is Property Depreciation?

Property depreciation refers to the overall loss of the value of an asset over time due to physical deterioration. This deterioration can apply to the structure you’ve invested in and the contents of the building.

According to Australian tax law, individuals who own real estate used for income-producing purposes are entitled to claim the depreciation of that property against their taxable income.

Deciding to purchase a rental property tax depreciation schedule can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars that you may not have even known you could save on your investment property.


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