EOFY Depreciation Information – Need To Know

EOFY Depreciation Information – Need To Know

I wanted to quickly mention the following as we all experience the EoFY rush and get closer to June 30:

1 – Our current turnaround time is still only 7 to 14 DAYS for the production of our thorough and ATO-compliant depreciation reports.

2 – To evaluate whether moving on with a report will be valuable to clients, my strategic partner will conduct a FREE preliminary assessment for you.
If so, determine if there is any additional benefit to you in doing (and pay for) an examination.

By the way, what is the meaning of tax depreciation?

I have a short video highlighting the advantages of using tax depreciation experts like Washington Brown. Click on it and it will open in another tab.

Please respond to this article with any information regarding names and the addresses of your investment properties if need depreciation services or would benefit from a FREE preliminary assessment.

The good news is that all my subscribers can get a discount from Washington Brown when they fill out this form today!

Again, we appreciate your trust in entrusting us with your depreciation requirements!

Charles Kaluwasha


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