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Demand for travel is skyrocketing!

  I’ve been hard at work with the Royale Travel Club building a done-for-you marketing system that turns travels into discounted Trips and accommodation throughout the years and for life. The Royale Travel Club is a bargain travel club for value-seeking travellers. We have the unique ability to negotiate drastically discounted rates at some of […]

Travel discovery in 2022

Travel discovery is the process of planning a vacation. It starts with an idea of what kind of destination one wants to visit and then narrows down options based on budget, activities and other preferences. The use cases for Royale Travel Club in this section are: – Royale Travel Club can be used to help […]

How to create lasting memories

Shanny expresses her gratitude to our family travel club, which has assisted hundreds of members in creating lifelong moments for their friends and family. For example, when our club member Gerardo Castillo took his family on their first trip together, he was able to watch his mother crying and saying, “HAPPY.” Watch the video to […]

Smart Travel Tips: The Royal Travel Club

Make Smart Travel Decisions. The Royal Travel Club recommends bringing Travel Guard on every trip.   More than just travel awaits you as a member of The Royale Travel Club! We wish to provide you with not only fantastic vacations but also financial savings and stress relief. Here are just a couple of the valuable […]

The Royale Travel Club is heavily discounted destination club in the world

The Royale Travel Club is a uniquely discounted destination club for value-seeking travel enthusiasts. With the gravity of over 300,000 vacation-loving members, we have the rare ability to structure deeply-discounted rates at popular resorts throughout the world. Here’s how it works: Did you know that in 2019 alone, Expedia spent over $6.14 billion* in television […]

Create Your Own Vacation Rental Business And Build A Money-Making Property Machine That Gives You Income In a Few Short Months

What if I told you that right now is the perfect time to create substantial income from Luxury Vacation Rentals? Well, C J Investiment in partnership with LuxHomePro has good news for you. We would like to invite you to join us on February 10-13th at the Hotel Republic in San Diego, CA to learn […]

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