How to create lasting memories

How to create lasting memories

Shanny expresses her gratitude to our family travel club, which has assisted hundreds of members in creating lifelong moments for their friends and family.

For example, when our club member Gerardo Castillo took his family on their first trip together, he was able to watch his mother crying and saying, “HAPPY.”

Watch the video to witness the lasting memories that Gerardo’s family has built.

I’d like to help you build the same tale for your family, so I’m presenting a 50% off special, which is something  SHANNY  has never done before.

After watching the video HERE, register below to see how you can create the same for your family and friends!


While photography is an excellent way to capture memories, video can catch speeches, performances, and all of the other particular touches your family will add to their important occasions. Lasting Impressions was founded with the goal of preserving these particular experiences in whatever way possible. Long-term impressions Make a lasting impression. Lasting Impression for 2021.


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