Demand for travel is skyrocketing!

Demand for travel is skyrocketing!


I’ve been hard at work with the Royale Travel Club building a done-for-you marketing system that turns travels into discounted Trips and accommodation throughout the years and for life.

The Royale Travel Club is a bargain travel club for value-seeking travellers. We have the unique ability to negotiate drastically discounted rates at some of the world’s most popular resorts because of the combined weight of our over 300,000 vacation-loving members. Here’s the breakdown: You may not have known, but Expedia spent almost $6.14 billion* on television commercials in 2019 alone. An Expedia 30-second commercial during a major sporting event or primetime television show, for example, will cost over $100,000. They do this in order to persuade potential customers to visit their website and make travel arrangements through them.

The Royale Travel Club frequently undercuts Expedia (and similar sites like Travelocity) by 60-80% and even 90 per cent on occasion.

How do they do it?

Because Expedia charges all the hotels and resorts that appear on their site to be listed. The resort’s “pay-to-play” business strategy is based on widely used travel websites. As a result, the more resorts spend, the more prominently they appear on the web. It costs resorts millions to be displayed on Expedia-like sites, whereas Expedia spends over $6.14 billion in 2019 on sales and marketing. The expense of a vacation for you and your family is inflated by all this money.

Resorts pay millions of dollars to advertise on Expedia because Expedia needs to repay its $6.14 billion advertising investment. Where are we going with this? Consumers spent more than **$6.67 billion on travel in 2015, according to Expedia. Yes, it’s close to $7 billion! So, how does The Royale Travel Club differ from the competition? To reach our 300,000 frequent travellers, we don’t charge resorts to “advertise.” Depending on the week’s star grade, our contracts require resorts to provide seven-night stays priced between $155 and $400 or higher.

You can see an example of how this works for a real family in the image below: While on a major public website (for the exact accommodation and dates), it costs $3,838.27, with your private Royale Travel Club membership you pay just $1024.

(The same marketing system that will help you build a matrix that pays up to $1000 on $37 monthly subscriptions.) You have nothing to lose but gain. See the examples below:

I’m waiving the system’s monthly subscription fees only through TODAY, July 29, 2022.  So act now to save thousands of dollars.

OR, if you’re someone who understands that success loves speed, then take these two steps right now:

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