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What do all entrepreneurs of small businesses expect from a business coach?


What is it that all small business owners want from a business coach? When you sit down to offer business owners your coaching services, you’ll be prepared once you know what they want. But you must first comprehend what business owners currently receive from the majority of trainers in order to comprehend what they want. […]

A Joint Program of Entrepreneurs Nyimba programme Launch

I am excited to read to you a report written by Steward Makanse, EDC Chief Executive Officer. This report will educate you about EDC/CJ Investiment’s Entrepreneurship development programme. EDC board chairperson, Dr Lewis Jere, delivered an opening speech where he explained about the EDC/ CJ Investment’s entrepreneurship development programme being launched. He began by expressing […]

Why Create New Habits?

One of the most important characteristics of a good WordPress developer is their ability to complete tasks efficiently, rapidly, and consistently. You do not ascend to the level of your goals, » as James Clear puts it. Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit Using temptation bundling, as outlined by James Clear, is another technique to […]

Online Marketing Software Comparison

From SEO dashboards to asset managers to landing page builders to marketing automation tools, the marketing teams and agencies utilise a wide range of marketing software. A wide variety of effective marketing tactics are available—how do you decide which one to use? Online marketing’s enigmas, requirements, and technologies have made marketing strategy immensely more complicated. […]

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