What do all entrepreneurs of small businesses expect from a business coach?

What do all entrepreneurs of small businesses expect from a business coach?

What is it that all small business owners want from a business coach?

When you sit down to offer business owners your coaching services, you’ll be prepared once you know what they want. But you must first comprehend what business owners currently receive from the majority of trainers in order to comprehend what they want. Simply put: mediocrity! They hear coaches tell them they can double their lead count, but they don’t experience any growth.


They hear trainers promise them that their income and earnings will soar, but instead, they observe that their overall revenue is flat. The worst of all, though, is when trainers profess to give business owners cutting-edge tactics but instead just give them useless knowledge.

Information by itself has no value! Results are produced by how information is applied. A coach’s role is to help their customers apply the appropriate knowledge in the appropriate sequence to achieve the desired outcomes.

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