A Joint Program of Entrepreneurs Nyimba programme Launch

A Joint Program of Entrepreneurs Nyimba programme Launch

I am excited to read to you a report written by Steward Makanse, EDC Chief Executive Officer. This report will educate you about EDC/CJ Investiment’s Entrepreneurship development programme.

EDC board chairperson, Dr Lewis Jere, delivered an opening speech where he explained about the EDC/ CJ Investment’s entrepreneurship development programme being launched.

He began by expressing his sincere pleasure to all the people who were present at this event. He particularly appreciated the guest of honour and our beloved chief Ndake for accepting to be part of the ceremony despite their busy schedules. That indicated the seriousness they attached to the issues that are of national significance such as the one that was being launched that day. He, therefore, warmly welcomed all to that very important occasion. He told the gathering that his company was called SGM-Entrepreneurs Development Circles.

It was a Zambian private company that was incorporated in 2019 and registered with the Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA), pursuant to Company’s Act No. 16 of 2011 of the Laws of Zambia. The company was incorporated primarily to support the development of entrepreneurship for jobs and wealth creation and contribute to sustainable social and economic development and poverty reduction. The company also conducts general trading activities and provides management consultancy services to individuals, job seekers, entrepreneurs, corporate institutions and employees for quality service delivery and better economic output while minimizing the cost of doing business.

He informed the gathering that from 2019 to 2021, the company had been developing an ambitious and national-wide Entrepreneurship Development Programme for job and wealth creation. And in June 2021, we signed a partnership agreement with CJ Investments of Australia which provides material, financial and technical support. The partner was heavily involved in resource mobilisation and galvanizing some Zambians in the diaspora to support the programme.

He further stated that locally, the company had partnered with the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Prime TV, Small Scale Industries Association of Zambia (SSIAZ) and Zambia Institute of Marketing among others. He explained that the goal of the programme was to create a cadre of citizens, especially youths with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that would seek opportunities through entrepreneurship and capacity development. The programme’s overall objective was “To provide an environment in which citizens could meet to share ideas, forge new friendships, establish networking opportunities and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and develop business skills to be utilized in the real world”. That was a brief opening speech by Dr Lewis Jere.

The next speeches and activities are as follows:

  • District Commissioner Mr Paul Daka, Nyimba District
  • Expected beneficiaries’ activities and benefits by EDC Chief Executive Mr Steward Makanse
  • Welcoming statement by the Chief Executive Officer of C J Investiments Pty Ltd
  • Chief Ndake’s remarks
  • Rendering thanks and closing remarks by Board Director Dr Lewis Jere
  • Entertainment and refreshments

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Contacts of Implementing Partner Organisations
Partner: Entrepreneurs Development Circles
Name: Mr Steward Makanse
Position: Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Indeco House, 5th Floor, Room 506, Cairo Road
C/O P.O. Box 30560, Lusaka, Zambia
Mobile: +260 971 032 787/ 760 114 844
Partner: CJ Investments Property
Name: Mr Charles Kaluwasha
Position: Founder/ Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +61 437 771 036
Email: info@cjinvestiment.com
Website: https://cjinvestiment.com
5/420 Secret Habour BVLD, WA 6173, Perth, Australia

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