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Vacation Apartment

Luxury Property Selling Soon

Smart investors always invest in luxury properties because there is positive cash flow. They are always looking for opportunities or deals even out of market.

Off -The Plan

In 2018, a property investor in Melbourne circulated “off- the Plan Contract” to a circle of investors in Australia, announcing an early bird acquisition in the “Grove Project housing 325 specious units in Brunswick West.” Within a month, most of the units were taken even before the construction had started

Investors signing the contract

Why sign for “Off- the Plan” Contracts?

The offer was too good to miss!

Grove invites residents to experience a lifestyle that dovetails your activities into a seamless whole, where you can move with complete convenience from a daily health regime at the gymnasium into full business mode at the business centre. Alternatively, entertain your friends in the private dining room or fully optioned outdoor kitchen. Make the most of spectacularly landscaped grounds that offer quiet leafy corners to relax in, or a heap of fun leisure activities with the spa, bocce court or table tennis zone in a resort like atmosphere you can enjoy every day.

325 Residences ‐ 1 Retail ‐ 9 Levels


  • Health Club
  • Business Centre
  • Landscaped spa
  • Bocce Court
  • Outdoor Kitchen & Dining
  • Cafe
  • Private Lounge & Dining Room
  • Table tennis zone

The Grove Apartments

The construction will soon complete early 2020. We have 4 units on hold for serious investors. We shall be selling these units before settling the deals in February. Those wishing to grab one of the four pleas contact us a soon as possible. Send us an email or leave a comment below.

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Multi Family Real Estate Investing

After consulting with real estate investors who have been in this industry for more than 10 years, most of them have had their hands-on  investing in Multi Family Homes. As they say, “experience is the best teacher” so I followed their advice and experience, and I am happy to share with you what they know about investing in Multi Family Homes.

As you may know,investing in multifamily real estate is one of the best ways to generate cash flow and build wealth for you and leave a legacy.

Therefore in this article, we want to share 5 important reasons why real estate investors should invest in multifamily real estate as part of their overall investing plan.

1 Easier to Finance
Although multifamily investment properties are more expensive than single-family properties, they’re generally easier to finance, all things considered.

While this may sound counter-intuitive, investors need to understand that multifamily properties pose less risk for a lender, because multiple families are living under one roof.

Vacancies relating to multifamily and single-family properties is just one example of how multifamily properties are less risky for lenders. A vacancy with a multifamily property has less of a negative impact than with a single-family property, because it continues to generate cash flow from rents collected from the remaining families.

2 Faster to Grow Your Portfolio
Investors can grow their rental property portfolio more quickly with multifamily investment properties than single-family homes.

For example, the time, energy, and expense of purchasing 300 single-family properties with 200 closings can be drastically reduced by purchasing one multifamily property with 200 units. An aggressive investor can grow his portfolio quickly with a few multifamily purchases, rather than taking years to purchase individual properties.

3 Easier Property Management
Some real estate investors with single-family homes try to self-manage their properties in order to save money, especially when they only own a few properties. Of course, this usually does not bode well for the investor or tenants, and causes major stress for both parties.

Multifamily investment properties can be easier to manage because they produce the cash flow and income to reasonably afford the staff to manage the property.

Additionally, multifamily properties can be less expensive to manage because:

Professional management staff work full time, and possibly live, on the premises.
Units in a multifamily property are centrally located, and not spread out over a large geographic area.

4 More Options for Forced Appreciation
Forced appreciation occurs when an investment property increases in value as a result of actions taken by the owner.

Multifamily properties inherently have more options for owner-driven appreciation, because a small change adds value affecting multiple families, not just a single family. Also, larger multifamily properties have large common areas and community amenities that can be enhanced to add value and force appreciation.

Finally, when breaking down the numbers on a per family basis, the cost per family for the improvements of a multifamily property are often considerably less compared to a single-family home.

Common improvements to multifamily investment properties that force appreciation include:

  • Improving curb appeal.
  • Updating common areas and individual units.
  • Adding and improving amenities.
  • Adding security features, such as a gate, security guards, etc.

5 More Cash Flow
Multifamily investment properties have a greater opportunity to generate cash flow than single-family properties, because of the reasons we’ve discussed above.

Higher profits are generated by lower expenses resulting from having multiple units under one roof, when compared to single-family homes that are  spread across a great demographic area. Also, multifamily properties have centralized and consistent management teams that can generate profits by lowering expenses.

Cash flow is also generated with multifamily properties by consistently forcing appreciation, which results in higher rents, higher profits, and a stronger balance sheet.

These are some of the few sentiments provided by most successful real estate investors in the world.

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Work with Charles and succeed

Residential Property

Many investors pay deaf ear to residential cjinvestiment property simply because it is not glamorous. However, good investiment returns are not necessarily associated with glamorous exteriors.

In contrast to commercial property, residential cjinvestiment property is for all investors. A large number of people have a basic understanding of housing needs and value of residential  needs and value of residential real estate, where as not everyone is able to measure the business potential or value of commercial property.

The vacancies associated with  residential property ar controllable to a much larger extent than commercial property and even when the vacancy factor is quite high, provision can be made to lessen the impact. This may involve reducing the rent level or improving the property to make  more it desirable.

In poor economic conditions, businesses are usually the first to be affected and many will shut down causing high vacancy rates in commercial property. However, despite a downturn in business sector, people must find somewhere to live. Therefor residential cjinvestiment property is less severely affected in recessionary times. This is attested by the fact that many financial institutions lend people up to 90% of value of residential property  a testimony to highly regard the banks have for the security of such property. Therefore investing in residential property is  building your future wealth.

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