Residential Property

Residential Property

Many investors pay deaf ear to residential cjinvestiment property simply because it is not glamorous. However, good investiment returns are not necessarily associated with glamorous exteriors.

In contrast to commercial property, residential cjinvestiment property is for all investors. A large number of people have a basic understanding of housing needs and value of residential  needs and value of residential real estate, where as not everyone is able to measure the business potential or value of commercial property.

The vacancies associated with  residential property ar controllable to a much larger extent than commercial property and even when the vacancy factor is quite high, provision can be made to lessen the impact. This may involve reducing the rent level or improving the property to make  more it desirable.

In poor economic conditions, businesses are usually the first to be affected and many will shut down causing high vacancy rates in commercial property. However, despite a downturn in business sector, people must find somewhere to live. Therefor residential cjinvestiment property is less severely affected in recessionary times. This is attested by the fact that many financial institutions lend people up to 90% of value of residential property  a testimony to highly regard the banks have for the security of such property. Therefore investing in residential property is  building your future wealth.


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