Mortgage Borrowing in Australia Tightens in May

Mortgage Borrowing in Australia Tightens in May

The proportion of many Australian housing loans now in arrears has been rising in Australia for the last six months or so according to Standard & Poor’s Australia.

This has been due to the implementation paying principle plus interest as opposed to interest only loans that the majority of Australians applied for.

About 1.14 per cent of home loans funded by mortgage-backed securities are in arrears, up slightly from March 2017. Arrears means behind on repayments by at least 30 days. If you are having problems repaying your home loan, because of unforeseen circumstances, you can ask for hardship assistance from your lender.

If this is not possible, we can assist you at least to avoid the bank repossessing your property. Our real estate rescue program has helped many Australian to rebuild their lives,protect their credit rating and wipe off debt faster.

We are here to help, call us or make a booking here.


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