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Compounding growth is a powerful financial concept wherein the value of an investment increases exponentially over time rather than linearly. This is because the return is calculated not only on the initial principal amount but also on the accumulated interest or earnings of previous periods. This results in growth on growth, giving an effect similar […]

The key to a successful 2024


  Many people are just now coming to terms with the fact that this year is winding down and that they have failed miserably at achieving many of their objectives. I understand, first of all. For the sake of complete candour…   While we were able to accomplish some of our more ambitious targets this […]

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the difference between successful people and everyone else really boils down to just four words.

It’s common knowledge that New Year’s resolutions are impossible to keep. Studies and polls reveal that many struggles to keep their resolutions, abandoning them after the first month. However, the steps you take to get there matter more than just deciding to make a change. Advice that seems to go against what is generally believed […]

Creating a Culture

Constructing a team is a good thing. Creating a “culture” of teamwork is much better. The post below from “The Balance” can give you important input about creating a culture for your team. These can make a difference in your team’s success. Teams with a team culture are aware that every success of every individual […]

Personal Finance and Wealth Creation

“… houses will be a better investment than stocks over the long term. …I would buy millions of single family homes if I had the means to manage them.” -Warren Buffett Before we dive into wealth creation, lets  review what we know about personal finances. Those of us who are baby boomers, we did not […]

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