Personal Finance and Wealth Creation

Personal Finance and Wealth Creation

“… houses will be a better investment than stocks over the long term. …I would buy millions of single family homes if I had the means to manage them.”
-Warren Buffett

Before we dive into wealth creation, lets  review what we know about personal finances. Those of us who are baby boomers, we did not understand what money was and  thought it grew from the trees. We depended on our parents to make money, our duty was to ask for money and buy whatever we wanted. We had no idea how to multiply it and have abundance. Even  at school the teachers did not teach us about money. I guess even today, this topic is never taught in schools.

Schools teach people to be poor!

Think back to being in school. We all learned subjects like Biology, Geometry, English, History… Who the 23rd President or Prime minister was (by the way, it was Benjamin Harrison). Some of us may even have majored in Economics.

But did anyone teach us about how we could actually make money in our own lives? 

It’s no secret that I think it’s a huge problem that schools don’t teach financial literacy. Kids graduate from high school and even top universities without understanding the first thing about money and personal wealth.

But as bad as that is, it’s actually much worse.

I know this is a bold statement, but I believe schools are teaching people how to be poor.

Here’s the message schools are pumping into our kids’ heads:

1. Get an Education

2. Get a Good Job

3. Get Promoted and 

4. Earn a Higher Salary


– They tell us to save part of our pay (the part that the ATO doesn’t raid first). 

– They tell us to put that money into savings accounts (with interest rates that don’t even keep up with inflation so we LOSE money). 

– They tell us to invest into 401Ks or whatever arrangements are in your country (which are managed by someone else who takes 80% of the profits).

According to Robert Kiyosaki, he states that we have the problem:

“getting truly rich under this paradigm is mathematically impossible.”

He adds, “In fact, the system is designed to keep most people poor. Or at least working hard their entire lives just to keep their heads above water.”

We’ve been so indoctrinated in this ideology, most people think this is “just the way it is” and there is no alternative.

We think a person has to be born rich to get richer. 

We’ve been taught the lie, “It takes money to make money.”

Here’s the truth… 

What IS necessary, is to forget the wrong messaging we learned in school. We need to stop looking to a job to make us wealthy.

We can do it ourselves. We can make GREATER income from the work we put in as entrepreneurs and investors.

Now, most people don’t know this yet. Or they don’t “get” it. How could they? They went to the same schools we did!

So the key for us is to forget what we’ve been taught about making money in the past. We need to learn how to educate ourselves, create our own jobs, and make our own money moving forward.

God has placed you on this planet to make most of yourself, for yourself for others and you can help others more by making the most of yourself in anyway.

“You can make the most of yourself only by getting rich; so it is right and praiseworthy that you should give first and best thought to the work of acquiring wealth.”-Wallace D. Wattles

I guess that is why you are here to get educated and help others do the same and improve their financial literacy.  Our focus on this training is to providing you with tips and strategies that can take you from where you are, to where you want to go on the road to financial freedom.

Now you are going to learn the intricacies of financial education/planning and how you have to apply it to your situation.


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